Monday, May 15, 2006

Definitely a weekend to remember.

I trust that most of you Mothers out there had a marvelous Mother's day. Mine was no exception to the rule. I was treated to a Day ~Un jour avec la mode~ (meaning a day with fashion),by the Mr. with the baby Sis and her friend Tammy on Saturday, We all met up for breakfast and eat at a restaurant that had been newly rebuilt in the Oregon City area, Biscuits Cafe. The food was good, Business was booming in there so service was a little slow but expectedly so.

We three then moved on to the Saturday market in Oregon City, Ummmm, nothing to write home about. At least not yet, Meaning the season is young and not to much produce was being sold yet. Mainly asparagus, it's good but I just hate the way it makes your urine smell after eating it! I know TMI but you know its true. To their credit there was a stand that sold beautiful flower arrangements in paper holders for a really reasonable price. But they never would have lasted until I got home in the 80 degree weather.

Then to the Salon for a pedicure, We were all 3 scheduled at the same time but I think the salon over booked. Baby Sis and Tammy went first then as a chair opened I. Got to go. I enjoyed this, I had the same Pedicurist as the baby Sis. It was a man (odd), with strong hands and funny. We talked about hunting and fishing...Odd Huh? See I have this hobby of asking people what their hobbies are, I love getting more personal with people and sometimes being totally shocked by their response. Anyway it was a French pedicure for all three, at least it will last longer than color. No obvious grow out.

Then onto shopping, By this time I was feeling a little self centered, meaning I've paid to much attention to my needs or wants and not enough to someone else's. So I ended up with a pair of garden clogs in petal pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness and a new pair of beaded thongs to show off the new pedicure. Baby Sis and Tammy however tried to buy the Fashion Bug out. Kidding...Thanks for the invite baby sis of mine, it was fun.

So I hurried home to be with the Mr. and he ended up taking me to dinner and treating me to my favorite my favorite and his favorite perfume. Chance by Chanel. This was a decadent day and totally unexpected. Sweet.

Now, Mother's Day I spent the majority of the day giving of myself to my adopted mom Jonsie that just recently had a back surgery. She needed my help to do just menial things like help getting into and out of the shower and then a nice visit and her gifts.

She enjoys books that because of her limited ability to go anywhere due to her condition, it takes her on trips or revisit trips others have taken. So I gave her books on the Oregon Trail. She loves this due to the strong family connections to these tales of adventure. See she had family that came from the East coast to the West coast via covered wagon in the late 1800s. Oddly enough she has given me the old pictures of them, Its really cool.

I decided while I was there that this shower that she had was less than adequate and not meeting her needs and ran to get a hand held shower for her as an added gift to make this task easier for her and installed it myself. She was so impressed, But it was way to easy.
To me that is the way Mother's day was best spent.

Although I did very much enjoy my gifts (A planted herb garden in a bowl, and a Starbucks card Yummmm and hand picked flowers, Godiva chocolates and Coffee) and the Bar-b-que in my honor put on by my daughter and SIL very much. Thank you so much!

~I am truly blessed with wonderful, and thoughtful kids~

Now the 2 grandboys gave me their school portraits ... Only the best pictures of them that I've seen for long time.

Thank you Boys!

Now most of you know that my real mom has passed away many years ago and I miss her terribly and my thoughts always go to her on this day of remembrance. I can still see her with her cup of coffee and cigarettes sitting at the kitchen table, I miss my almost daily visits with her most she was the best listener...Sweet memories.

So this weekend will not be topped for a long while and rightfully so, it was too good. I hope that everyone else's was good too.

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