Tuesday, May 16, 2006

...Till tomorrow night

Although all 3 stepped up and did a great job tonight, I'd be lying if I said I thought Elliot is gonna make until next week. Katharine, Wow most improved!
Elliot is good in an Al Gore sort of way, Stiff with little personality.
Taylor is Dynamic and has the Charisma and talent to carry it off...Come on Taylor!

I'll be biting my nails till tomorrow night, Well maybe not...French manicure and I hate to screw that up. Taylor Hicks I'm pulling for you Dude! You Rock!

8 Left A Love Note :):

Jeannie said...

Better check out Marianne's page. I hope you can still be friends.

Marianne said...

Of course we can! I am pulling for the underdog. I always do.

Honestly, I have NO INTEREST in this show whatsoever now that Chris is gone.

Even when I was loving Chris, I was pulling for Elliott. I always love the underdogs. And for every two or three votes for Chris, I'd dial in a vote for Elliott too.

Me and Sweeti.....we're friends.

Sweetilicious said...

Jeannie, I never let friendly competition come between girl friends...Ever.

Marianne, We have no claim to the way the cards will fall tonight but it's been fun sparing with you on this. I received this news letter this morning and Im posting this for you to read and respond to if you'd like.

Fans of ousted "American Idol" contestant Chris Daughtry
and some U.S. radio stations are demanding Fox TV bring
back the rocker for new vote.

The Web site, TheDaughtryGang.com, is circulating petitions
that charge problems with the talent competition's voting
phone banks after Tuesday night's show warrants a recount
of the votes, The Los Angeles Times reported.

So far, more than 33,000 signatures have been gathered on
a petition posted at ThePetitionSite.com, The Times said.
"Phone lines were messed up most of the night for many
people," the petition reads. "The overall voting situation
is unfair, but ultimately we believe the voting totals
were wrong and demand that Chris Daughtry be brought back
to the show ... "

MSNBC.com reported numerous e-mails and bulletin board
posts claiming the phone numbers given out for Daughtry
vote accidentally counted toward the tally for contestant
Katharine McPhee.

Both AT&T and the independent voting company that handles
the chore fro Fox, have confirmed no problems after
Tuesday night's show, a Fox spokesperson told MSNBC.com.

"While acknowledging that dedicated fans may be unhappy
with the outcome, the system only reports the decision
of the voting public," the spokesperson said. "As we
have said before, you can't take votes for granted on
this show."

Do you think American Idol is fixed?

See you at the water cooler,
Email Jeanie

Marianne said...

I think America thought Chris was safe and voted to keep their second favorite on. (Elliott being my second favorite.) I did not vote that week, as Mollie had Girl Scouts and I missed the show.

While I am horribly disappointed that Chris is gone, he will not be tied down by an American Idol contract after the Idol contestant tour. He will be free to move on with his career in the direction he feels is best for him.

This exposure has been invaluable for him. And I wish him all the best.

D.T. said...

Sweeti did you see it?! Tonight's episode of AI, I mean. Oh...that's so sad...and did you see his mom tell him "I love you"?! Doesnt that just break your heart?!

I dont wanna say the name of you know who, in case ya got some readers out there who havent seen the show just yet, but WOW! I mean, I know someone's gotta go, but still, it's hard, you know?!

Sweetilicious said...

Yep, I seen it and secretly I was hoping it would be Katharine to go because I was enjoying the spar with my friend Marianne.

I wonder if she'd be willing to take the post for Katherine now? Or is she gonna stand up with me route for Taylor?
OMG, it was so close did you hear a record number of votes 50 mil. there must have been a lot of sore index fingers out there, and some needing heating pads.
Sorry Elliott had to go Marianne.

Marianne said...

You are so kind. I was sad to see him go too. But I think this was such a positive experience for him. And I am sure it boosted him up a bit as well.

As for Katharine, I will not consider such a request. I was appalled at her behavior on Wednesday and I think she should be thrown off the show, disqualified automatically for being selfish and unsportsmanlike. I think her mother should be barred from the theatre as well.

Stage Mommy Dearest threw her arms up in the air and hollared out when they showed Elliott's name on the board. It was wrong, it was rude and I will not support someone who displays that kind of behavior.

I blogged about it. I'll be voting for my ex-husband's left toe.

Sweetilicious said...

After reading Marianne's comment I went back to the taped version and recapped her reaction to not being the "chosen one to go home" and I see where Marianne has a valid point.
However given that I were to be faced with the same circumstances, which we know would never happen in a million years, I tried to see how I'd react to all of this media attention and after my walk in her shoes for just a minute, I think she is trying to calculate her moves that and she seems a little overwhelmed by the Grand scheme of this whole scenario. Who wouldn't really.

I can see what comes across as a quality less than honorable...the act of being not genuine to herself or others and good sized piece of Humble pie would do some good character building for people that see her as Katharine McPhake.

I'd prefer to see her more humble and sincere also, But I guess this contest is not about Dancing, Sincerity, or even Diabetes. It's about singing and the people's choice to promote one person to stardom and gracing others with a chance along the way.

It's so great that we have the freedom to agree and disagree, or agree to disagree sometimes and still have the ability to be friends. Life is good and I love my friends.

I still am loyal to Taylor and have been all along...Thank you Marianne for the suggestion of support for Taylor.