Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Woooooo! It was a good night!

Thank you for voting if you voted by my request! I'm so jazzed I might not be able to sleep tonight. But hey I must have not been to worried I still have finger nails.
So many good moments tonight, where do I start.
The Mr. got to see Kellie Pickler again so he was happy, Chris was good!,I love his eyes! Even Marianne's Elfin Elliott was a charmer tonight.
My day was spent nervous over the win after the Chris shocker I couldn't get comfy in the win spot and take it for granted although I knew the choice was obvious.

I spent some time with a friend of mine and we discussed the show and she remarked that she loved Kellie for the whole Calamari thing and then low and behold they used it on the show. I'm dying laughing over the Escargo sampling and just thinking about how she must be laughing too. I wish we could have watched together. That would have been fun.

I busted up laughing when Chicken little came out singing "What's New Pussy Cat" I LOL just writing it, He was too funny! The fish out of water...Did you see the guy singing Clay Aikens song, I think he almost wet himself when Clay came out singing. The epitome of star struck I believe. Still it was touching all the same.

I loved this show tonight! I didn't want it to end.
Now I suppose I'll go thru some post climatic anxiety withdrawals from American Idol.

Wooooooo! Taylor I can't wait for a cd!
Your American Idol addict signing out for the season.......

4 Left A Love Note :):

Jeannie said...

I'm happy you're happy but I missed it all!

Marianne said...

This was a sweet post. I wonder if Taylor will ever stumble upon it....

Sweetilicious said...

Marianne, You know I think I'm pretty insignificant in this huge world of bloggers. But I imagine there's always the possibility. If he does I hope he gives me a shout.
It would be thrilling. They come to my Portland Sept 1st. Maybe I'll get to go.

Jeannie you missed it! It was so fun!

Jeannie said...

Hey Sweeti! Way to sleuth babe! I'm sorry I wasn't working yesterday (I'm rarely in either salon at a specified time). That was Baby you spoke to - she was a little baffled who you might be - she doesn't know about my blog. Thanks so much for all the birthday greetings though - it's great to know someone loves me!