Monday, June 12, 2006

Fleet week in Portland

The Mr. and I decided a day on the town would be good for both of us. So to the Rose Festival in Portland, Or. it was. We both thought the carnival thing was not for us that day. But the Fleet was in for tours and this was the last day.

We waited in line for 2-1/2hrs, the first part being all right, But the last part was sun and 80ish with little no breeze. Babies were crying and the bigger kids were getting whinier, thirstier and hungrier, It was terrible for moms and dads that had kids. We at this moment were fortunate no to have any small ones.

Although, I was surprised to see not many parents brought umbrellas for shade like I used to do, And not many brought snacks and drinks, or even toys or colorbooks to occupy their minds. What's that about? I'd never have gotten away with that anywhere I took them. But then my kids were able to sit quietly and wait too.

So anyway, We did finally make it to the security area where everyone was checked out and your stuff x-rayed for security purposes and it was on to the Destroyer.

I have always wanted to do this, board the ships and meet the crew. The Mr. was totally awesomed out by the big guns and the mind boggling technology that each ship has.

Being able to see up to 250 miles away on radar or more was amazing to me let alone all they were not able to tell you. The soldier telling the stats of the ship told us that it was so specific it could track a bumble bee in a hay field 250 miles away. WOW! Imagine that.
This was the USS Preble DDG 88 A Destroyer.

We both enjoyed the tour and shook hands and thank our service men for being there and choosing to protect us. I even got to fraternize with a few of them.

(this is for the baby sister)

(See I found lots more fish in the sea or frogs to kiss or knights in shining armor and I know all the good ones aren't taken so keep looking sissy)

We also seen the H M C S Winnipeg but we ran out of time to board it. A Canadian Frigate would have been cool to see too! Besides our guys said they party on their ship. Jeannie this was for you my Canadian friend. I gave them a shout out for ya!

We did go on a Sternwheeler of some sort also, It had lots of memorabilia and museum-y type things aboard.

We posed in the steering cabin and I took a panoramic set of pictures from up there of the Willamette River and Portland's bridges.

Now for the benefit of The Celtic lady I searched to see if I could find the Pirate. I did see one pirate swash buckling his way down the boardwalk but he was not our Pirate, And to my disappointment there was no pirate ships to be found either. I think this one must woke up in the wrong place and tried wandering back to his ship and it was gone.
Speaking of people watching, The Mr. and I sat on a bench half exhausted, me with my head on his shoulder, content, watching families, couples, drunks, homeless people and some pretty strange looking people with really strange hairdos. We watched people meet and walk off together and people that didn't like each other, Doesn't it make you wonder if why you where there at that very moment was to witness just that. They say each person that crosses your path affects it in some way. Hmmmm, I wonder who's life I touched in a positive way today?

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D.T. said...

Dang...check out Sweeti and all the did the Mr. not get jealous? And whether you were a participant or observer at the Fleet, I'm sure, you played an impact on somebody's life...and who knows, maybe someday down the road, they'll remember you and thank you!

Sweetilicious said...

That's funny David, The Mr. didn't get Jealous because it was all in good fun. The Mr. was in the Navy once and knows how the guys are but he knows me too. We both know out limits when it comes to our relationship and we look out for the other. So theres no room for that.
Besides he took the pictures. We had a good time with the boys and I'm sure they were having fun too.

It was just that, All in fun.

Marianne said...

That looked like an interesting excursion. Seriously, I would have enjoyed it! Even if it was hot and the lines were long. It's easier if you are in line with someone you can chat with!!!

Buffy said...

Men in uniform....


stumpy_babe said...

Thanks for stopping in at my site. I think my babies are teh cutest but then I have a biased oppinion :)