Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ok back to business...

Memorial Day was the last post, OK, since then.

Well, the 1st was spent readying to go to Sonoma, Ca. again Busy, Busy, Busy. To all of you that have the fortune of knowing the Mr. you also know he can be a good delegator and unfortunately I can be the one that takes on the load. He doesn't pack himself to go on trips nor does he make sure that things are set up for the animals and the mail has been stopped.

He tends to over schedule himself up to the minute we leave and that leaves no time for him to prepare, A shower and shave and were gone literally. But somehow it always works out, Hmmmmm, I wonder how that happens?

The 2nd thru the 5th was spent in Sonoma, Ca. and this time it was sunny for the most part and warm, yay! We left home with the weather being a miserable dismal down pour and blustery winds to boot with the temps in the lower 60s. We arrive in California and it was a balmy 75 degrees.

This time while in California we said good bye to one her name was Ashley from Duluth, Minnesota. I prepared a going away dinner and we broke bread and had some laughs. Goodtimes! I'm sure they miss her already. we met some of the new staff at the barn where we shoe horses at and it was interesting. All of them foreigners and single, 1 girl from Germany (Katherine) and 2 girls from Holland (Loes(Pronounced:Lews) and Wendy).

I love getting to know different people from different countries, I found it fascinating to ask questions about the differences they have experienced since their arrival. Wendy found it really different to get used to saying anything more than hi in the grocery store. Instead we say Hi, How are you? She said it would throw her for a loop to stop and say I'm fine and then perpetuate the conversation and say how are you? Gee, I never think about that.

Or how we drive...Passing on all sides on the freeway. Katherine being from Germany is used to driving very fast like over 120 miles per hour here.
She said it's like driving in the slow lane all the time here. Gee and I thought California drivers drove like bats outta hell and they are not nearly as polite as Oregon. They are fast to me. We never went slower than 70 for the most part on the freeway.

As luck would have it, Saturday Katherine had a day off and we decided to go do something together. I was excited about this because this meant I didn't have to go do something alone. We ventured to San Rafael and did her errand and then set out to find a Tattoo parlor, So after a very long walk we find one and as luck would have it they did not have the item we needed, so then we were driven to another place (Blue Lotus Tattoo) thank heavens because my legs and feet are killing me by this time. We ask for a nose piercing Nothing big and noticeable, no rings or things like that, just a diamond very small. I have always wanted to do that.

Then Katherine decides she'd do it too...So I go first and she watches, It stings a little but no real pain. My eye waters involuntarily for a minute but after the sinus surgery I'd been through it was painless. Now I'm done and it's totally cute. It's her turn. She lays down and deep breathes to prepare and he proceeds with procedure and all she thinks about is the needle and that its gonna hurt. Her eye waters too but I think her frame of mind made it worst. Happy now that it was over and she totally liked hers too. Although she picked a bigger stone and hers was red.It matched her auburn hair. It was back to the car and only to find a parking ticket for 25.00 that I knew was going to be there because it took us so much time walking to the first place that was a few blocks turned into 2 miles.

Now back in the days of my youth if you did this sort of thing with a girl friend it meant a bond for life without a question, I hope this is the case here. she is a really great gal and fun to be around.

So then it's off to Sonoma and some shopping, Things are beautiful there and expensive! I found some marvelous foot creme for my aching feet and had lunch in a Chinese place, It was OK but not the best. We toured some fabulous homes in town although we didn't go in we did the drive by and drool thing.

We even thought maybe Kat could put on her best dress and walk up and down the street in hopes of finding a rich Mr. so she could just stay there and I could come to visit often. (joking of course)

Then it was go get pizza for the Mr. and the other 2 gals back at the estate and home. I think my feet and legs ached most of the night. We hot tubbed...just the girls. It was fun laughing and having some wine and listening to music, it felt even better than it sounds by the way.

Then on Sunday, The Mr. worked most of the day and I recuperated from the day before. We did go to dinner Sun. Evening at the Cafe LaHave, It was a quaint little joint and the food was good. You could see the chef and his helpers preparing your food in this little dinky kitchen hardly enough room for 3 people.

I had a chicken and pasta dish with sweet peas and the Mr. had a steak with scalloped potatoes and asparagus, Mmmmmm his was good too. We do this sharing thing so dinner is like a smorgasbord and if you hate what you ordered at least you don't starve.
Dessert, a Chocolate pudding type thingy Yum!...and the Mr. had Strawberry rubbarb al la mode, Not a favorite of mine so thank goodness for choices huh?

Monday, We went to San Francisco and checked it out a bit, First stop was the lookout far above the bay and when we get there it's mostly fog. Although it was somewhat disappointing because of the view or lack thereof. We stuck around and traveled up just a little to a further view point and the fog lifted a little.

Then onto the regular touristy destinations,

The Maritime Museum a ship tour and Ghiradelli Square. I bought two T-shirts at 16 bucks each and no they are not gold, but they are from the Chocolate factory. One says
"Dip me in chocolate and call me dessert"
and the other says
"Too much chocolate is never enough"
then a lunch of fish and chips and back to the freeways to the airport. Oh and I almost forgot The Mr. went thru a light on the way and it turned red part way thru and I think he'll be getting a ticket in the mail, I seen the flashes from the camera. Dammit anyway, But two others behind us will get it too.

Do you know how much the ticket is for that? Well, I'll tell you Ka-ching Ka-ching {{{$370.00}}}, What a rip. That and they had some of the lights covered so you didn't know which was yours to begin with.
The flight home was good and it was nice to be home once again in my own bed. Ahhhhhh....

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D.T. said...

What a cool vacation! And it's so cool you met and hung out with new people...learning about the customs from other countries is so much fun!

And I think you should totally post a picture of your newly pierced nose...but only after the swelling goes down!

Marianne said...

I loved the pictures! It is so incredibly cool that you got your nose pierced! I want to see a picture of that too! What a perfectly fabulous vacation. Good for you!

Jeannie said...

Way to go! I always wanted my nose pierced but I have horrible huge pores and don't want to draw attention to them. Sounds like you had a fun trip. New people New places!

Jeannie said...

oh - the autobahn - that was 120 km/hr or about 75 m/hr. We typically do this speed on our 401 although the limit is 100 km (60m). But we would be charged with holding up traffic if we did the speed limit in anything but the slow lane.