Thursday, July 13, 2006

100 things

1. I like vanilla ice cream with a big spoon of peanut butter.
2. I have found what I was looking for.
3. I wish I could give my kids more direction to spare them heartache.
4. Every relationship of my past has made me appreciate him more.
5. Sometimes I cry for no good reason or when I'm scared, I always feel better.
6. I am a loving and considerate Mom
7. I would die a thousand deaths without the love of my kids and family and him.
8. I like white vehicles
9. I love trips to the coastline
10. I don't like to be around bitchy women, they give me a headache.
11. I hate male chauvinist pigs.
12. Spiteful non-caring parents and step parents piss me off!
13. I love sepia toned portraits
14. I now realize that life is way to short.
15. I would someday like to try Ballroom, samba, and belly dancing.
16. I miss the smell of my dads zippo lighter when he lit up a cigarette.
17. I love yellow finches and chickadees and sunset grosbeaks
18. I'll probably never bungie jump or sky dive.
19. my favorite cat of all time was Mikey.
20. I hope that I find a purpose soon.
21. I'm his everything and he's getting there.
22. Music makes me happy
23. I love the freedom from cigarettes
24. I'm sometimes too impatient
25. I may never forgive myself for leaving him there even when he wanted to stay.
26. I love to watch him work.
27. I love the USA, My freedom, and My Flag.
28. I am superstitious
29. I remember the dull roar of my parents voices as I drifted off to sleep while traveling.
30. I am lucky to have had as many people love me as I have had in my life.
31. I believe in God
32. I loved being pregnant and feeling them move.
34. I may never grow up
35. I believe angels are guiding me.
36. I worry that DR's are going to kill me trying to make me feel better.
37. I will buy a fifth wheel trailer and big truck to pull it with if I ever win the lottery and travel in comfort.
38. I love cooking and baking
39. 39 my forever age
40. I have finally bought a brand new set of furniture, but, never have bought a brand new car.
41. I tend to settle for less to keep the peace.
42. I love him because he helps me see my own strengths and gives me support and confidence in myself.
43. I am proud to be me
44. I don't like politics and I sometimes tune them out totally. I vote my heart.
45. I love Hollywood showers
46. Size does matter sometimes
47. I love shopping garage sales and thrift stores
48. I was poor as a child but loved.
49. I have a half brother and sisters I don't even know and brothers I don't see.
50. I believe part of my God given purpose is teaching to love by example
51. I love kissing
52. I like Chanel perfume
53. I am a people person
54. My favorite job was in a European restaurant
55. I worked as a puller on a target range at a young age.
56. I wish I could sing good.
57. I hate paying my bills late.
58. I lived on a logging camp at 5 years of age.
59. I like the way I look in black clothing
60. I love sexy shoes, thong sandals and going barefoot.
61. I relatively sure I'll never marry another alcoholic or drug user.
62. It was not "PMS" that was responsible for my mood swings.
63. I love sunsets, but I like sunrises better because it's a new day.
64. The moon effects me.
65. My favorite teacher as a child was Mrs.Harvey in fifth grade at Lois Craig Elementary school.
66. I kissed a boy under the bleachers there during a movie assembly.
67. I'm only 5'5"
68. I love soft comfy beds and heavy covers
69. horoscope sign 69
70. I never have been uncomfortable around people with lots of money, They are just as needy as poor people and most need more help.
71. I think some nations will fight till they kill each other off and we'll never be able to help that.
72. Probably my most favorite year of my life. Everything was simple. No worries.
73. I've never had a white wedding
74. I started driving at 14 because I swore I'd never be a non-driver like my Mom.
75. I taught myself how to drive a stick shift to go see my mom.
76. I remember paying 1 cent for bazooka bubble gum and 5 cents for a phone call.
77. I like watching storms
78. I hi-lite my hair because I like it.
79. I like blogging and meeting new friends
80. I love taking pictures, I love the sound of the shutter clicking
81. I may never be satisfied with my life
82. I don't particularly care for the colors burnt orange, olive green, or harvest gold.
83. I like men that smell good
84. My memory is not as good as it used to be, I hate that!
85. I hate that I have to use reading glasses to see fine print.
86. I don't feel as old as my children see me.
87. I still love drive-in movies
88. I love when he spoils me.
89. My mother was always amazed by my creativity and I strived to continually to make her proud. It was important to me.
90. I hope that I am a good role model for my kids.
91. I love dark chocolate
92. I'm glad I taught myself to use the computer
93. I can knit and crochet and sew pretty well.
94. I love people watching
95. When in my garden I say prayers and ask for blessings for my family.
96. I like to fly
97. I bake cobblers for 250 people once a year
98. I like antiques
99. I can't stand dirty bathrooms
100. I love red leather shoes but have a hard time figuring out what to wear them with.

3 Left A Love Note :):

Jeannie said...

Very revealing! We have quite a bit in common and quite a bit not. I think we would get along quite well in the "real" world. Too bad we're a couple thousand miles apart.

D.T. said...

And I love the people who actually have the time to get personal!

2. What was it?
13. Me too! Makes them look totally classic.
34. YAY!
45. Like the rain?
62.'re a crafty one...
83. Well, who doesnt? Smelly ones just make you hurl.
97. Seriously? Who are the lucky ones?

Marianne said...

I ditto what Jeannie said.