Monday, July 17, 2006

My garden visitor

Today I was in my garden checking the lettuce and dead heading flowers. When all of a sudden a Gold finch flies up and lands on my shepherds hook not 2 feet from where I'm standing, I continue to work on my hanging flower basket and he just sits there and watches me. I could have reached up and touched him that's how close he was. He chirped a bit as if he was talking to me and then flew off.

So I go in and get my camera and wait to see him again, But no luck. Hmmmmm, Could he have been a messenger from above? Maybe...I loved my visit.

Three years ago on my Birthday, I was once again in the garden and the Mr. was doing something laborious for me and I was doing the supervising, Here came a gold finch and it landed on my shoulder, it was a little startling but I stood still, It was a female, she was so light I could barely feel her there but I said hey babe look at this, The Mr. looks up and can't believe his eyes she just sat there looking at him.
Now he felt at that point a little jealous and couldn't understand why they don't do that to him especially when he always fed them.

I did capture a winged visitor that seemed to like my Zinnia's.

They (Zinnia's) are known as the thoughts of absent family and friends flower and I plant them just for that reason to remind me of those I care about.

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D.T. said...

That totally reminds me of Mary Poppins when she sings Spoonful of Sugar and the bird flys up to her and sits on her finger and sings to her. As a kid, I always wanted that to happen to me, but that was before I realized it was an audio-animatronic. Still, it's kinda nice to know things like that can happen without the magic of robotics.

Jeannie said...

It is a little like a visit from an angel isn't it? When I was little there was a goldfinch that would let us hold it one summer - it was magical.

I wish you lived closer too.

Marianne said...

This was a great post.