Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pictures from California

Well here they are, These were the high lights of the trip south, as always I try to find the beauty of the place I'm at and these pictures somehow only come close to the real beauty of this area...and the rest of the time was just work.

San Francisco Bay and Alcatraz
This was our 10 dollar tour of the bay, Considering the price of everything else there this was very reasonable and fun and cool. I never got to ride the cable cars but the boat was right up my alley, the only thing missing was a fishing pole.

Emmys birth place
...and heavy in morning fog, She'll feel right at home in the winter here.

Sunset Near San Rafael, Ca
This was so beautiful We had to pull over and watch. It was the end of a very hot day and the moisture was abundant. You can see it hang in the air. Clicking on the pictures will give you a better picture and more definition and detail.

Half Moon Bay Beach

This was a cool 75 degree respite from the 10 day long heat wave in California, I spent 2 days in it and though I was going to die! 104 and sweltering, It was humid too...So much for "Oh it's a dry heat".

The Golden Gate National Cemetery

This is a heart breaker to see and truly a overwhelming experience, It's like a sea of white, I said a prayer and paid Homage to all the Hero's that lay there. You feel so insignificant in that environment, It was an honor to be there. I'm glad we went.

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Marianne said...

These are great pictures. I love the first one of you!

By the way, I am not sure what the star is supposed to mean. I take it to be the "Lone Star" of Texas because Texas is the Lone Star State.

I have had two stars on the wall in my livingroom for almost three years and two little stars stamped on the doors of my armoire. Now I finally got one for outside the house. And Shark works at a door mill and is going to get me a discount on a 3/4 panel glass front door with the star in the glass.

Sweetilicious said...

The lone star of Texas was what I thought it was too but didn't know for sure.

Jeannie said...

My net was too slow the other day to view the pics - nice trip - I think you should frame the top pic - it's beautiful!

Sweetilicious said...

Thank you for the nice compliments, The Mr. took the photo. It's one of the few he's taken that wasn't totally horrible.