Thursday, August 31, 2006

A View from A Hammock

Truly a good place when your tailbone hurts.

This was my weekend...Monday thru Friday with a broken tailbone I shopped and scanned the Net, Craig's list, Ebay, and local car dealerships for a good used vehicle. I now realize why I have never owned a new vehicle. It's the off the lot and automatically lose 5,6,7 thousand dollars in the first 10th of a mile. Those of you that have done it know just what I'm talking about.

My advantage was having a baby sister with the knowledge and dealing skills to defuse the car dealers, It saved us tons of money and headaches. See she does finance for a living and not much gets passed her. I love her!

I would like to share that I'd rather have my eye teeth pulled with no Novocain than to buy another car...I hate the wheeling and dealing, I know you'll get taken one way or another, It's just a matter of how bad. I could not have got thru this without the baby sis.

Do you remember me talking about the Mr.'s rig...The four-Hundred-Thousand mile Ford F 150 and still going one? Well, He finally retired it! Oh, it still runs good, but, it needs some work on the clutch and the investment was a little more than he cared to invest. So He took the F 150 that I was driving and bought a 2002 Suzuki XL-7, It's nice! Fun to drive and the seat doesn't push on my tailbone. YAY!

So after all the papers were signed, We went home and loaded up both rigs and went camping again.

The Grandsons last Harahh before starting school this week.
Speaking of Starting school, It's really weird how they are doing the schools this year. Some kids are starting back this week and then a lot are starting back after Labor Day, which is the normal around here.
I wonder who's bright idea that was to totally screw everyone up like that?

Anyway, Our trip was to Promontory Park because it's geared towards kids under 14, They have a little yank and pull fishing pond that is stocked with rainbow trout. It teaches children fishing is fun because they don't have to wait to long. Hmmmmm, I don't know if that's the best lesson or not. Patience is a wonderful virtue too!...and a little thinking or talking time is pretty valuable too.

The Mr. rented a small fishing boat the first day, We rode around on the Clackamas River and fished a little. But mostly the boys swam and played in the water and learned how to drive a boat.
Can I add just briefly, 9 and 12 year olds are noisy and loud, and full of sound effects. Some are even embarrassing. I just couldn't resist.

The second day the Mr. rented what we called the party barge, But it was a 10 person pontoon boat. It was a relief to my tailbone let me tell you. Padded seats, Ahhhhhhh!

...And where was Emmy Lou? She was with me every boat ride, What a trooper she is. She loves boating and camping I swear! She did give me quite a scare the first day and thank goodness I keep her leashed with a harness all the time. She decided to take to biting at the small wake that would splash at the front of the boat, Yeah, Then the wake got a little smaller so she dives out of the boat after it! Now this is when she discovered just how cold the water was. I yarded her back out quickly,(My only catch of the weekend) But she still very much likes the water. Maybe she was a water dog in a previous life.
Or Maybe, I'd better get her a life vest too.

So I have still not caught any fish on my new pole and have only had a few bites. It's becoming a challenge to me. Someday I'm going to reel in a Whopper!

Now let me apologize to the SIL for getting the boys home late...I'm sorry...I would have called and I did try several times, Only there's no phone service up there. I even looked for a pay phone and didn't see one. So much for technology today.

So on to the end of the trip, We get back to camp after our day of boating was up, We break down the tents and fix dinner...a camp chowder with baby reds, bacon, onion and half n half. Yummm. Then we went home. It was dark and it was back to reality. I needed a vacation from my mini vacation. Good Times.

Friday, August 18, 2006

My happy camper

Here she is my little pocket princess turned camping officinato, It's almost her 6th month birthday and she's ready for camping and fishing in her new little hat and vest.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

"Grandma took a little spill at the sand dunes today. Broke her coccyx."

I know that's a quote from Napoleon Dynamite, But the quote has some resonance to this post however.
Have you ever done something and in hind sight it was totally not to smart, But in real time seemed like it was OK and you'd done it a million times and nothing ever happened?
Well, Yesterday while getting ready for my Chiropractor app., I sit down in my desk chair and lean a little sideways to give my little Emmy Lou a little love in the pen next to my chair.
Yeah, I know you can see where this is going...My chair wheels positioned just perfectly to let me go over, I grab and try to hold on to Emmy Lous metal pen but that hurt and I could not hold myself up. I managed to hold on just long enough for the chair to hit the ground on its side with me half in and half out and then I fell the rest of the way down.

I landed on the chair arm on my tailbone or Coccyx and I knew instantly something was broke I was in excruciating pain. I went to my Chiropractor app. because I knew my regular Dr. was on vacation, then did an X-ray and there it was one confirmed break and another possible crack. Ouch!
It was a freak accident and I probably couldn't duplicate it if I tried.

This is one of those little things that if it happened when my kids were younger I probably would have said the good fairy did this to repay you for a bad doing, But I can't think of a bad doing I've done lately, Hmmmmm...

So now I have this horrible pain in the butt, can hardly sit, walk, or lay on my back and some awful bruising all over to boot. I hope it's gone soon.
My daughter came over yesterday in her wickedly funny sense of humor succeeded in making me laugh by telling her most funny butt jokes and I admit this is a funny area to injure but she has always had fun with butt jokes and we had a good laugh. This will be memorable for at least another 4-6 weeks and I'm sure I'll know every butt joke there is by then.

The Mr. was my Knight in shinning armor yesterday though, He seen me fall and was instantly there to pick me up when I was down...and later he brought me chocolate covered donuts...He knows Chocolate always makes me feel better...Times like these, having history someone with is a really good thing.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Jalana

This month of August for my Daughter Jalana was a benchmark, Her 30th Birthday! I can't believe it, I don't feel that old. I'm choosing to live in denial on this, She can be 30 but I'm not getting older than 39 for the time being.

We spent her Birthday up at the Indian Henry campground near Mt. Hood at the request of my Daughter, She still likes to have her mom be apart of her birthday. I must doing something right.

We came bearing a big gift, A Hugh Chocolate cake, And a very (((big)))mylar balloon that said Happy Birthday. Mostly I think she loved just the time we spent together on her birthday, Making memories and having fun playing Rummy and camping.

Little Emmy Lou proved to be a Tom boy this weekend, so much for my little princess pup. The first thing she does is roll in all the pine needles and dirt. I swear she spent the whole time smiling in her best doggy grin and feeling like she was in heaven, Me too. I was on break from the potty training routine. We were outside and she could go a will. Bonus! She would crash about 8pm and even bumping her little kennel would not roust her.

We did some fishing, This was such a nice reprieve for the Mr., He enjoyed himself so much. He was at one time hip high in the water fishing. Maybe that's why he caught fish and I didn't. All I could seem to do is put my hook out there for bait thieves no matter how I put my bait on the hook. I did bait my own hooks though.

The Mr. and SIL Danny caught some crawdads, And the Mr. cooked them and eat them. He called them mini Lobsters. Hmmmmm...

I had a family friend bought me this new fishing pole for my 39th birthday last month, It's an "Ugly Stick" brand (but really pretty) and it's red with a "Okuma TP-30 reel" Let me tell you this is by far the nicest fishing pole and Reel I have ever owned. It was so smooth, I guess it has 8 ball bearings that spin so smooth, the SIL remarked that his has gravel. Maybe he needs a new one. Think it was a hint? Maybe.

And heres is the Mr. striking a pose in his best Neanderthal man pose and pooching out his belly as if to say he got his belly full. Truth of the matter we hadn't even eat yet and his tummy isn't that big.

Today, I'm pooped and sore...and I need to clean house and do the laundry all of which makes my back ache more. Maybe I'll do what I can and no more.

Cheers Jalana, Good times!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

He has my dimple... :)

Last Night the Mr. and I entertained the #2 son Carl and his girlfriend Joey at dinner in their honor. You see this is a nice little tale.

Most of you who read my blog can remember my heart wrench about a month ago of the youngest Son or as I affectionately refer to him as the #2 son and his choice to change his life and move to Las Vegas. Now this saddened me only because he would be so far away. I know that his phone works and that he has held tight to his promise to call me from time to time, I have overcome some of my sadness of his move by his keeping in contact.
Well, as the story continues. He had left his girl behind, and Tuesday he flew in on a silver winged horse to retrieve a half of his heart he left here. He loves her and wants her to be with him, I Know....Awwwwwww. Its super sweet! The two of them together is really a nice compliment to the others personality, I'm so happy for them! I think they, as a team can make things work and be a beneficial support for eachother. Another words they together could go far focusing as a team.
He's only here until Sunday and then they put all her worldly belongings in a U-Haul and begin their journey back down south to Vegas. It's sad for me again but happy at the same time. ...sniff, sniff, bittersweet...
I believe that we were meant to have soulmate companions and that life is meant to be shared, I feel good about his choice to come and get her and do his "finding himself with the support of a good woman." It's more fun to experience life when it's shared.
We spent the evening at our favorite restaurant Gustav's Pub and Grill, For the benefit of those that are unfamiliar with this place, They have great German food, Cooked to order and always a nice variety of menu items to choose from. So if I'm not cooking they are the next best thing. If you live local you should try them, you won't be disappointed.

Just a sampling of the desserts Above is the Barvarian cream with Raspberry puree' drizzled over the top and a dollop of real whipped cream to finish, The Mr.'s personal favorite. Below is the Chocolate mousse in an Almond Florentine shell, Now I need not tell you who's favorite that is do I? Mmmmmmmm.

So the dinner was a smashing success and all of us left feeling full, And now they are back to getting ready to travel, Their hopes are to go and work like crazy save up and travel. There were even utterings about going to Canada. I'm sure nailed down plans will come with time.
Please stand with me in wishing them the best of luck and love in their life 's journey together.