Monday, August 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Jalana

This month of August for my Daughter Jalana was a benchmark, Her 30th Birthday! I can't believe it, I don't feel that old. I'm choosing to live in denial on this, She can be 30 but I'm not getting older than 39 for the time being.

We spent her Birthday up at the Indian Henry campground near Mt. Hood at the request of my Daughter, She still likes to have her mom be apart of her birthday. I must doing something right.

We came bearing a big gift, A Hugh Chocolate cake, And a very (((big)))mylar balloon that said Happy Birthday. Mostly I think she loved just the time we spent together on her birthday, Making memories and having fun playing Rummy and camping.

Little Emmy Lou proved to be a Tom boy this weekend, so much for my little princess pup. The first thing she does is roll in all the pine needles and dirt. I swear she spent the whole time smiling in her best doggy grin and feeling like she was in heaven, Me too. I was on break from the potty training routine. We were outside and she could go a will. Bonus! She would crash about 8pm and even bumping her little kennel would not roust her.

We did some fishing, This was such a nice reprieve for the Mr., He enjoyed himself so much. He was at one time hip high in the water fishing. Maybe that's why he caught fish and I didn't. All I could seem to do is put my hook out there for bait thieves no matter how I put my bait on the hook. I did bait my own hooks though.

The Mr. and SIL Danny caught some crawdads, And the Mr. cooked them and eat them. He called them mini Lobsters. Hmmmmm...

I had a family friend bought me this new fishing pole for my 39th birthday last month, It's an "Ugly Stick" brand (but really pretty) and it's red with a "Okuma TP-30 reel" Let me tell you this is by far the nicest fishing pole and Reel I have ever owned. It was so smooth, I guess it has 8 ball bearings that spin so smooth, the SIL remarked that his has gravel. Maybe he needs a new one. Think it was a hint? Maybe.

And heres is the Mr. striking a pose in his best Neanderthal man pose and pooching out his belly as if to say he got his belly full. Truth of the matter we hadn't even eat yet and his tummy isn't that big.

Today, I'm pooped and sore...and I need to clean house and do the laundry all of which makes my back ache more. Maybe I'll do what I can and no more.

Cheers Jalana, Good times!

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Jeannie said...

Well Happy Birthday Jalana! Sounds like you had fun.

Marianne said...

What a fabulous way to spend a birthday! Happy 30th Jalana!

That looked like "real" camping. Super cool.

I hope Mollie wants me around when she turns 30.

D.T. said... totally dont look old enough to have a 30 year-old. I say, stick to your guns and hold on tight to that number...until your daughter turns that age, then I'd reccomend thinking about going up a notch or two.

P.S. Maybe you can help me out with this...what's so great about the outdoors?! I swear, everyone I know is going camping or fishing, and I'm all...why, dear God, why?! Is there something I'm missing or what?