Thursday, August 31, 2006

A View from A Hammock

Truly a good place when your tailbone hurts.

This was my weekend...Monday thru Friday with a broken tailbone I shopped and scanned the Net, Craig's list, Ebay, and local car dealerships for a good used vehicle. I now realize why I have never owned a new vehicle. It's the off the lot and automatically lose 5,6,7 thousand dollars in the first 10th of a mile. Those of you that have done it know just what I'm talking about.

My advantage was having a baby sister with the knowledge and dealing skills to defuse the car dealers, It saved us tons of money and headaches. See she does finance for a living and not much gets passed her. I love her!

I would like to share that I'd rather have my eye teeth pulled with no Novocain than to buy another car...I hate the wheeling and dealing, I know you'll get taken one way or another, It's just a matter of how bad. I could not have got thru this without the baby sis.

Do you remember me talking about the Mr.'s rig...The four-Hundred-Thousand mile Ford F 150 and still going one? Well, He finally retired it! Oh, it still runs good, but, it needs some work on the clutch and the investment was a little more than he cared to invest. So He took the F 150 that I was driving and bought a 2002 Suzuki XL-7, It's nice! Fun to drive and the seat doesn't push on my tailbone. YAY!

So after all the papers were signed, We went home and loaded up both rigs and went camping again.

The Grandsons last Harahh before starting school this week.
Speaking of Starting school, It's really weird how they are doing the schools this year. Some kids are starting back this week and then a lot are starting back after Labor Day, which is the normal around here.
I wonder who's bright idea that was to totally screw everyone up like that?

Anyway, Our trip was to Promontory Park because it's geared towards kids under 14, They have a little yank and pull fishing pond that is stocked with rainbow trout. It teaches children fishing is fun because they don't have to wait to long. Hmmmmm, I don't know if that's the best lesson or not. Patience is a wonderful virtue too!...and a little thinking or talking time is pretty valuable too.

The Mr. rented a small fishing boat the first day, We rode around on the Clackamas River and fished a little. But mostly the boys swam and played in the water and learned how to drive a boat.
Can I add just briefly, 9 and 12 year olds are noisy and loud, and full of sound effects. Some are even embarrassing. I just couldn't resist.

The second day the Mr. rented what we called the party barge, But it was a 10 person pontoon boat. It was a relief to my tailbone let me tell you. Padded seats, Ahhhhhhh!

...And where was Emmy Lou? She was with me every boat ride, What a trooper she is. She loves boating and camping I swear! She did give me quite a scare the first day and thank goodness I keep her leashed with a harness all the time. She decided to take to biting at the small wake that would splash at the front of the boat, Yeah, Then the wake got a little smaller so she dives out of the boat after it! Now this is when she discovered just how cold the water was. I yarded her back out quickly,(My only catch of the weekend) But she still very much likes the water. Maybe she was a water dog in a previous life.
Or Maybe, I'd better get her a life vest too.

So I have still not caught any fish on my new pole and have only had a few bites. It's becoming a challenge to me. Someday I'm going to reel in a Whopper!

Now let me apologize to the SIL for getting the boys home late...I'm sorry...I would have called and I did try several times, Only there's no phone service up there. I even looked for a pay phone and didn't see one. So much for technology today.

So on to the end of the trip, We get back to camp after our day of boating was up, We break down the tents and fix dinner...a camp chowder with baby reds, bacon, onion and half n half. Yummm. Then we went home. It was dark and it was back to reality. I needed a vacation from my mini vacation. Good Times.

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D.T. said...

I know fishing teaches you patience, but if I'm waiting for Angelina Jolie to leave Brad and marry me...isnt that already showing enough patience? Yeah, that's what I love that idea of the big tank filled with Rainbow trout! Totally my kind of fishing...

Pirate said...

Oregon is truely the most beautiful place on Earth. Great pix Sweeti.

Jeannie said...

Beautiful pictures - I love the view from the hammock - kinda takes your breath away - we don't have trees that big here. Hope your tailbone improves - it's a touchy spot for sure. I miss summer already. It's gotten cool here already.