Thursday, September 28, 2006

12 down, 13 to go...

It's Cobbler time at Sweeti's house, I make approx. 25 cobblers for our Northwest Saddlebred association Horseshow or Our Fall Classic Horseshow I've been doing it for 5-6 years now, After a couple years it all becomes a blur to me.

I'm done with 12 and have 13 blackberry left to go...about this time every year I think what was I thinking? It'll be over soon enough, Now if I can hold up till soon enough is here I'll be doing ok.
Hopefully I'll be done with it tonight I know it will be late though, I'll sleep in tomorrow.
21 quarts of blackberry tapioca filling 1/2 done.

Now bake them and I'm done.

Monday, September 25, 2006

A Memorial and a memory of an aquaintance...

My Mr. and Cousin Dale
9/11/04 at Cousin Gary's Wedding.

My weekend was rather solemn, A memorial service for a man that was in his prime, Whom was also the Mr.'s cousin. It was sad, No time to say good bye or thank you or even I'm sorry. It's always the hardest on the family when it happens that way.The pastor officiating the service was comforting and made you think, He said Dale had been revived twice after the initial accident and had time to make the choice of being saved or not.Hmmmm, Given the family he was raised in I'm sure that was already chosen many years prior and he just tried to stay within the boundaries. His sisters made their touching remembrances to him, one standing and singing Amazing Grace in her own rendition, Another by writing a most touching letter. I loved a part of the letter where she said he would sing to her and the song was "Kristi don't lose that number" and how it was years before she knew it was "Rikki don't lose that number".

Dale had been quite the prankster and loved poking fun at people he liked, loved hunting and fishing and taking in stray animals. I personally only met him once. I recently found out that he saved the Mr.s life twice, Once when he was about 6 at the river, The Mr. didn't know how to swim and Dale seen him one minute and was jerking him up by the hair the next. The next time was quite a bit later in life and the brakes failed on an old International pickup truck going down a winding mountain road. The Mr. being young and inexperienced at the time froze with fear, Dale seen this and hurried and jammed the gear shift into 1st gear and turned the engine off. They stopped with no more than mere inches of going off the cliff.

The Mr. never got to repay him for this but maybe in some small way he gave back and just didn't realize it, And I am so appreciative that he was there for him then. I know the Mr. must have touched his life in some way too but that's the thing about life, Sometimes we just never know why we were put here and what was our true purpose until it's been completed and our time is done. RIP Dale 9/15/06

Now, Sunday was an equally thought provoking day for me. I went to the grocery store like I do a lot and upon getting close entering the store I recognized a woman but couldn't recall her name standing at the opposite entrance and I waved slightly because I'm friendly. She looked at me and turned away. Then all of a sudden I see her bend down and start picking up cigarette snipes from the ashtray, you know already smoked ones, Then I see she had this huge rip in her blouse and half her side was hanging out with the side of the breast included.

She was hanging out and smoking OP's. I was incredibly stunned and could hardly think of anything else all the way thru the store, Thinking what the hell happened to her? She used to be a friend of a friend and I knew she drank beer because I'd see her in the tavern once in a while when we went to play pool. But she was clean and personable and put together nicely. She was no barfly.My guess is that it has to be more than beer now, I did look for her on the way out and was going to slip her a 20 dollar bill with hopes that it would help in some small way but she was gone. My heart was saddened by this shock and I still can't get it out of my mind. I guess we are all given choices and some choose to go it alone. I hope that she finds her way back. I'll say a prayer for her.

It's the pits to be so shocked by something that you don't know how to react, I think I realized that I think before I act. I don't know if that's how that should have been handled or not or what this makes me but I'm...still in shock. and I feel bad.

Friday, September 22, 2006

To Walgreens or not Walgreens?

Today after giving a situation some thought and trying to find my wording I wrote the corporate office of Walgreens Pharmacies to lodge a complaint.

I have taken the last nasty look and ill treatment from an old bat that I intend not to take. You know if it isn't bad enough that you feel bad physically then you go and have someone abuse you like that. It's just Wrong!
This woman knows nothing about me other than the medications I take and my insurance carrier. Neither of which gives her the right to pass judgment on me. I have been nothing but pleasant to her and have given her no reason to treat me this way.
She treats me like I'm the scum of the earth for the most part and I have a problem with it. Who knows I may need to change pharmacies, But you know if it was my business I'd want to know if this was happening to my customers. I still think I should be a patient advocate.
And for the benefit of the other employees at this location, I have never had this problem with any others, Thank you!
As a matter of fact I wrote a blog entry about one of them named Alan a pharmacist that I hold almost solely responsible for my stopping smoking. He is the greatest.

I wonder what their response will be?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

One Enchanted Day

An Ode to the #1 son for his Birthday, a little late but what the back will allow.
This was taken in July of 1987, The #1 son up from Vegas for the summer, I had missed him like crazy. I so wanted things to be perfect for our time together and had planned little outings that we could afford at the time. We were amongst the lower middle class incomes and money was tight that's a given. Although there was no shortage of love for my kids I can tell you that.

I planned a trip to the Enchanted Forest in Salem, Or., It was a favorite and magical place the kids loved to go to and it was fun for adults too. We got ourselves up and got ready to go, Packed a lunch and went.
The kids were excited as ever and Jer didn't know what to expect I'm sure. He did seem to enjoy himself also. I remember him saying that this is so fun and then the phrase came from the lips of my #1 son. "Mom you are the most beautiful mom ever" I instantly got tears in my eyes and turned my head slightly so he wouldn't see me cry. I hugged him and could have probably squeezed the air right out of him then. He said mom don't cry and I said I'm not honey. But it was the best day.
We had a good summer together for the most part, It was so hard to see him go back home after that. I wanted to just keep him and never let him go again but his dad would have never let that happen. I knew he'd grow up one day and things would be different. I lived for that day.

This was the day in mention, In my element wrapped with love from my 2 boys, both of which are my favorite sons.

Happy 29th Birthday Jer, I will always love you so much and More. X's&O's Mom Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A day of Validation...and inspiration too.

Today I made a visit to my DR. in a new place. It was soooooo much better than his old office. He had a nice smile on his face and I could actually see some of his stress relieved. I told him that he was a rare find and he sorta ,kinda blushed but still listened to me. He is a rare find! ...and I totally appreciate him and I bet his Mrs. does too.
He lets me be part of my own health care decisions and when I'm in the office I'm his only patient when the door closes and until it opens again. He's the greatest. Thank you T.S.
Well, the MRI results are in and we have a game plan to try.
two small bulging discs L-2-3,L4-5 and one moderately Herniated disc L5-S1. (A wait and watch situation as far as I know.)

See, I knew there was something going on. Hopefully I can avoid surgery and get myself back to the position of being able to do things like before. I'll continue my Chiropractic care w/Therapy and try to take Anti inflammatory drugs of some kind.

For now I'm gonna try to do some walking and swimming and (maybe biking we'll see) and hot tubbin and ice packing and see if I can make it better.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sunday, September 10, 2006

God Bless America

...and may we never forget the lives lost.

#100 Something, Something St.

This is an update on the baby Sis.

Today we walked the Promenade walk along the Willamette River and I pondered how the Baby Sis was really feeling, Although she looked fine and seemed up in her spirits. She tends to hide feelings. My guess she's relieved to be moved into a place to call her own, Finally. She went back to the Jerk for about a month and half, Nothing changed. I think she knew he was not going to change but gave him the benefit of the doubt. He proved it to be a good waste of 6 weeks. Ofcourse.
So now she finally has a little apt.

Finally an old Victorian House to call her own and decorate with all the old time stuff she likes and nobody to say "why did you buy that? It's old". She's an old soul in a young body, She could have easily lived back in the 1800s. I seen a side of her today that I've not seen for a long time. It was a confident and Happy side.
We walked side by side along the walk way and it was good to see her in the I have a new life mode.
Me crossing my fingers
::I think she's finally done with him::
It will be interesting to see how different she approaches things now that she has wings and knows how to use them. I'm Happy, She's Happy.

Although I know another will come along someday, I don't think she'll let another man distance her from her family again. She knows now what she doesn't want and is pretty set on not compromising her own wishes.
She does things that so reminds me of our Mother, I guess that's good and nice to know the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.
It'll be nice to get to know my sister as an adult.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Civil War Reenactment at Fort Stevens State Park

Blue battles gray this Labor Day
Sunday, August 27, 2006
Cannon and musket fire, cavalry charges and sword play: See the Fort Stevens Civil War Re-enactment Saturday-Monday, Sept. 2-4, at Fort Stevens State Park in Hammond. In addition to the Northwest Civil War Council's staged battles, you'll see a period fashion show and hear old-time music.

Take a tour of the historically accurate camps between battles and see displays and demonstrations in the field hospitals, undertaker's tent and the USS Tahoma gunboat.

Well, I bet you can guess where we were this past weekend. The Mr. is crazy about black powder guns and cannons. We went for just a road trip in the new SUV and ended up talking to a espresso owner and they shared with him the news of a Civil War reenactment....Holy moly his mind was a buzz with anticipation. So we went. I actually found it pretty interesting. There were close to 1000 participants. There was women and children too. All dressed to the 9's in their period correct garb.
We got there to late on Saturday to see the act that day, But, Sunday we got to see the whole thing. Even Emmy Lou was there with the cannons blasting and the wild black powder fights. All loads were dummy loads ofcourse but you could still feel the percussion from the blast of the load.
EmmyLou found security from the loud noises in the hood of the Mr's sweatshirt, At least we know she is good around gun fire. Like I said before I think I got a Tomboy for a princess pup.

Before the reenactment was over there were soldiers recruiting the Mr., He even got to fire the big cannon. A thrill for him. And I caught it on camera, Another thrill for him. He had proof. and he'll probably join too.

We stayed the night at the Red Lion Inn in Astoria, Or. Quite possibly the most comfortable beds Ever! They weren't that comfortable last time we stayed there. It must be new beds. YaY! It made me think I need a new mattress.

And the view from our deck.
We checked out the Sunday market in the middle of town in Astoria, I found big fresh Alberta peaches Yummmmm! I had one tonight and they are delicious. Just a little tart with the best peachy sweet aroma. I'm making your mouth water huh?

So towards the end of the day on Sunday we take a ride up to the Astoria Column all hand painted, the view up there on a clear day is absolutely breath taking! Astoria offers some great old Victorian homes and a large number of them are restored but still lived in today. It's history rich over there on the coast.

He's only 11...

When you get older and your kids have kids that are only 11, (A note to Grand parents) Do Not buy them inappropriate clothing for their age. Jack Daniel's line of clothing is a walking billboard and it says I like to drink Jack Daniel's Whiskey.

Seriously it's not school clothes attire, It belongs on the fanny or back of a 21 year old that hasn't learned yet that your judged by the way you dress and carry yourself and or still doesn't care what people think.
That's not an option for an 11 year old.

I seriously don't think that the Jack Daniel's Company would like to see it either.


...And I now have a grandson that's really pissed at me for voicing my opinion, My kids were not so lucky. It was the burn pile for unacceptable clothing back then.
He's only 11! What was she thinking?????

Not only that, now the mom has to be the bad guy and rule them unacceptable, Lets just make her job a little more difficult...As if being a mom isn't full of being the bad guy already.

After some research on the subject I'm empowering parents with some ammunition.

Alcohol is a leading cause of death among youth, particularly teenagers. It contributes substantially to adolescent motor vehicle crashes, other traumatic injuries, suicide, date rape, and family and school problems.

Children who wear this clothing tend to drink at younger ages. Period.

Think of this before you buy.
I recieved this from the vice principle at the school, He was so very kind to fax me a copy of the dress code. Also gave me the consequences of abuse to the school dress code. 1st time~ Student is given clothing to replace item in question, 2nd time~Parents are called to bring appropriate clothes. 3rd time~Referal and or suspension.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Labor Day

Hopefully even the Angels amongst us get a little rest too!