Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Civil War Reenactment at Fort Stevens State Park

Blue battles gray this Labor Day
Sunday, August 27, 2006
Cannon and musket fire, cavalry charges and sword play: See the Fort Stevens Civil War Re-enactment Saturday-Monday, Sept. 2-4, at Fort Stevens State Park in Hammond. In addition to the Northwest Civil War Council's staged battles, you'll see a period fashion show and hear old-time music.

Take a tour of the historically accurate camps between battles and see displays and demonstrations in the field hospitals, undertaker's tent and the USS Tahoma gunboat.

Well, I bet you can guess where we were this past weekend. The Mr. is crazy about black powder guns and cannons. We went for just a road trip in the new SUV and ended up talking to a espresso owner and they shared with him the news of a Civil War reenactment....Holy moly his mind was a buzz with anticipation. So we went. I actually found it pretty interesting. There were close to 1000 participants. There was women and children too. All dressed to the 9's in their period correct garb.
We got there to late on Saturday to see the act that day, But, Sunday we got to see the whole thing. Even Emmy Lou was there with the cannons blasting and the wild black powder fights. All loads were dummy loads ofcourse but you could still feel the percussion from the blast of the load.
EmmyLou found security from the loud noises in the hood of the Mr's sweatshirt, At least we know she is good around gun fire. Like I said before I think I got a Tomboy for a princess pup.

Before the reenactment was over there were soldiers recruiting the Mr., He even got to fire the big cannon. A thrill for him. And I caught it on camera, Another thrill for him. He had proof. and he'll probably join too.

We stayed the night at the Red Lion Inn in Astoria, Or. Quite possibly the most comfortable beds Ever! They weren't that comfortable last time we stayed there. It must be new beds. YaY! It made me think I need a new mattress.

And the view from our deck.
We checked out the Sunday market in the middle of town in Astoria, I found big fresh Alberta peaches Yummmmm! I had one tonight and they are delicious. Just a little tart with the best peachy sweet aroma. I'm making your mouth water huh?

So towards the end of the day on Sunday we take a ride up to the Astoria Column all hand painted, the view up there on a clear day is absolutely breath taking! Astoria offers some great old Victorian homes and a large number of them are restored but still lived in today. It's history rich over there on the coast.

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Marianne said...

How cute! The mister is toting the pup in a baby carrier! I love it!

D.T. said...

That's actually pretty cool. I've always wanted to see a Civil War reenactment just for the fun of it. Here in Tucson there arent that many battles to reenact, so it's not all that fun. Now dont get me wrong, I've seen them on TV and movies and stuff, but up close...I'm totally jealous Sweeti...totally.

Sweetilicious said...

That puppy carrier is the Mr.s hood of his sweatshirt, I know he must be secure in his masculinity though, He wasn't even aback by her having a pink leash.
You should see the amount of reenactment's performed on the East coast, Holy crap, there are literally tons of them.
I think it would be fun to go to Williamsburg VA and other places over there such as Jamestowne and Yorktowne. All of it is so history rich, My interests lie in their lifestyles more than the battles fought though.