Tuesday, September 05, 2006

He's only 11...

When you get older and your kids have kids that are only 11, (A note to Grand parents) Do Not buy them inappropriate clothing for their age. Jack Daniel's line of clothing is a walking billboard and it says I like to drink Jack Daniel's Whiskey.

Seriously it's not school clothes attire, It belongs on the fanny or back of a 21 year old that hasn't learned yet that your judged by the way you dress and carry yourself and or still doesn't care what people think.
That's not an option for an 11 year old.

I seriously don't think that the Jack Daniel's Company would like to see it either.


...And I now have a grandson that's really pissed at me for voicing my opinion, My kids were not so lucky. It was the burn pile for unacceptable clothing back then.
He's only 11! What was she thinking?????

Not only that, now the mom has to be the bad guy and rule them unacceptable, Lets just make her job a little more difficult...As if being a mom isn't full of being the bad guy already.

After some research on the subject I'm empowering parents with some ammunition.

Alcohol is a leading cause of death among youth, particularly teenagers. It contributes substantially to adolescent motor vehicle crashes, other traumatic injuries, suicide, date rape, and family and school problems.

Children who wear this clothing tend to drink at younger ages. Period.

Think of this before you buy.
I recieved this from the vice principle at the school, He was so very kind to fax me a copy of the dress code. Also gave me the consequences of abuse to the school dress code. 1st time~ Student is given clothing to replace item in question, 2nd time~Parents are called to bring appropriate clothes. 3rd time~Referal and or suspension.

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Marianne said...

That's why they call it tough love. I'm sorry your grandson is so upset. But I am in your corner on this one.

D.T. said...

I actually have to ride the fence with you on this one Sweeti. While I dont believe young children should be walking advertisements for alcohol, if they are boxer shorts, covered by another article of clothing...what's the harm? No one's gonna see 'em unless he pulls his pants down in front of the class, which I think is very unlikely.

Plus, have you factored in the cost of boxer shorts? I'm guessing that the Jack Daniel's brand is way cheaper than the Calvin Klein's I wear, so that's probably one of the reasons the mom bought them. The cost factor.

And also I'd have to disagree with you that wearing alcoholic wear, makes you a young alcoholic. I have a friend named Darryll whose family lives in a trailer park (his dad lives with live-in lover number seven and his mom is just ending her third marriage, and ironically enough he's related to Elvis) and ever since I can remember, Darryll has always worn articles of clothing with alcohol splashed around. Like Nascar or Budwieser.

The shirts and trucker hats were free promotional give-aways that his dad and mother collected and just handed them down to their kids, so they could support their alcoholic behavior. Darryll hated the kind of enviornment that he grew up in and to this day, I swear, has not and will not take a sip of alcohol or do any sort of drugs. So although I cant agree with you that wearing alcoholic clothing at a young age will have you start drinking at an early age, I will agree that it does make an impression on most young people who dont have strong morals.

The last thing that I wonder is, is it better that your grandson's mother knows he is wearing these types of clothing, instead of him buying it himself (or even stealing it) just so he can rebel and wear it in secrecy? Teenagers have always used fashion as a way to rebel against their parents, so is it better you know he is rebelling or is it better to just pretend it doesnt exist?

D.T. said...

P.S. You're still an awesome Grandma!

Sweetilicious said...

My kudos' to Darryl, I hope his life gets better as he gets older and he can continue to break the chains of his parents examples.

The thing is David not every child has the same character values as Darryl sadly enough. And I'll bet he would have liked to have a parent guild him in the right direction too. It saddens me to see parents not putting things into perspective for their kids.

My grandson tends to not be a trend setter right now, he shows many signs of the exact opposite. The follower, I hope this changes with age but he needs structure and guidance. He so wants to fit in and be popular as most kids do.

His mom knows about the boxers and is afraid of what example it's setting for the younger one ( 9 yr. old) to follow in his footsteps too as well as the association of alcohol in his family.
The other grandmother on the Dads side is the one that bought them. (My guess was for the best gramma label.) That's crass I know.

The thing is its boxers today and tee shirts tomorrow. He pushes regularly, There has to be limits. He will because none of the other kids are allowed to wear them, Show them off somehow, some way, just to fit in. It's just the wrong example.

The cost...I have no problem buying Ck's for him if that was what he wanted, But at 11 fruit of the looms or spongebob boxers, or superhero something or another would have been perfectly fine.

Now I'll address the buying your own clothes, I allowed my kids to work from the time they were able to get a work permit. They however had to keep up their grades and if they slipped the job went too. The issue of how they spent their money was addressed by buying a lot of their own clothes and buying and saving for a car. They still were monitored and bought clothes that were allowed and socially acceptable. The #2 son had issues with back then the sports team parkas, & hats and wasn't allowed to wear them to school, but was allowed to wear it at home. The schools were banning them because of gang awareness.

The daughter tried to sneak things that were a little sexier than her age and they landed in the burn pile or trash. But that was my job as a parent to do this. Who knows if I'd let her wear some of that stuff what would have been her life story. I'm sure it wouldn't have been what she is today I can tell you that. She has many past peers that are fine examples of that.

The thing is you or me as a parent have or had to make boundaries for your kids, and every now and then make exceptions but for the most part stay true to your beliefs and principles.

My kids know it was tough being raised like this but they also know they were loved and cared for enough to do the right things for them. There were a many of power struggles and it wasn't always easy but parenting isn't easy.
That's life, I wish kids came with a rule book but they don't. So we do as best we can and hope for the best.
...And thank you David for the awesome Gramma vote but I'm still earning it.

Jeannie said...

Hmmmm. I wore a sweatshirt when I was maybe 9 - 11 that said "I speak 3 languages: Sex, money and booze" I thought it was hilarious. It was too large and was not meant for a kid.Mind you I only wore it at the cottage. I won a beer sweatshirt a number of years ago that my daughter borrowed when she was underage. It appeared on my son's body yesterday - it is large and I wonder why either of us girls ever wore it.
But an 11 year old advertising whiskey on his boxers? Perhaps to be worn only on weekends to bed. I hate to think of clothes being wasted but what was Jack Daniels thinking to make them in a size an 11 yr old could wear? That's dumb. A certain lapse in judgement. Sounds like it should be illegal in fact.
Mind you, I started drinking when I was 12.