Thursday, September 21, 2006

One Enchanted Day

An Ode to the #1 son for his Birthday, a little late but what the back will allow.
This was taken in July of 1987, The #1 son up from Vegas for the summer, I had missed him like crazy. I so wanted things to be perfect for our time together and had planned little outings that we could afford at the time. We were amongst the lower middle class incomes and money was tight that's a given. Although there was no shortage of love for my kids I can tell you that.

I planned a trip to the Enchanted Forest in Salem, Or., It was a favorite and magical place the kids loved to go to and it was fun for adults too. We got ourselves up and got ready to go, Packed a lunch and went.
The kids were excited as ever and Jer didn't know what to expect I'm sure. He did seem to enjoy himself also. I remember him saying that this is so fun and then the phrase came from the lips of my #1 son. "Mom you are the most beautiful mom ever" I instantly got tears in my eyes and turned my head slightly so he wouldn't see me cry. I hugged him and could have probably squeezed the air right out of him then. He said mom don't cry and I said I'm not honey. But it was the best day.
We had a good summer together for the most part, It was so hard to see him go back home after that. I wanted to just keep him and never let him go again but his dad would have never let that happen. I knew he'd grow up one day and things would be different. I lived for that day.

This was the day in mention, In my element wrapped with love from my 2 boys, both of which are my favorite sons.

Happy 29th Birthday Jer, I will always love you so much and More. X's&O's Mom Posted by Picasa

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