Friday, September 22, 2006

To Walgreens or not Walgreens?

Today after giving a situation some thought and trying to find my wording I wrote the corporate office of Walgreens Pharmacies to lodge a complaint.

I have taken the last nasty look and ill treatment from an old bat that I intend not to take. You know if it isn't bad enough that you feel bad physically then you go and have someone abuse you like that. It's just Wrong!
This woman knows nothing about me other than the medications I take and my insurance carrier. Neither of which gives her the right to pass judgment on me. I have been nothing but pleasant to her and have given her no reason to treat me this way.
She treats me like I'm the scum of the earth for the most part and I have a problem with it. Who knows I may need to change pharmacies, But you know if it was my business I'd want to know if this was happening to my customers. I still think I should be a patient advocate.
And for the benefit of the other employees at this location, I have never had this problem with any others, Thank you!
As a matter of fact I wrote a blog entry about one of them named Alan a pharmacist that I hold almost solely responsible for my stopping smoking. He is the greatest.

I wonder what their response will be?

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