Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A landmark day at Sweeti's...

As you all know probably very well by now, I have this little Yorkie affectionately named Emmy Lou or Em or Em's or Emmer and of course just Emmy too. My daughter nick named her Emmerita, see she has this fascination with Spanish names when she has an affection for someone.

I got her back in the end of July and all this time which seemed forever but truly it's only been about 2.5 months that I've been potty training my little Emmy. Well, let it be known the day has finally arrived that I'm secure in saying she is without a doubt Potty trained! Ta-daaa! (((Me taking a bow)))

I have been testing her with more and more freedom and not spending as much time in her metal pen and she is going to the pad and hitting her mark every time YaY! Now my plan is to get her completely used to it and start moving the pad to the front porch and then the lawn. Then she will be cross trained for both the pad when needed and outside when it's available too.

Now anyone thinking of doing this should consult this tidbit of info. 1st always train on a water proof surface like linoleum, 2nd Not all potty pads are equal. Some are wimpy and thin and claim to be waterproof, Not true...In fact I've used 4-5 top brands and this is the one I'd promote infatically. Its thicker and waterproof. She has chewed one up and ate the contents and lived to tell about it even thru all my worrying that she would surely die from it. I buy them at Wilco Farm supply but you can find them at a store near you by going to www.precisionpet.com and looking for little stinker house breaking pads.

Now we can travel and Emmy can go too, Motels not a problem, have pad will travel.

Her she is my little potty trained Emmy. Today she is surely "STAR" of the house just as her name implies and her trophy and extra hug, a "good girl" and an "extra treat".

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Jeannie said...

Wow! What a fantastic idea! I was really trying to come up with a way to train our old thing to a kitty litter box - and have one for him to find inside and one out on the deck for the winter. I'll have to check out the pet store for these. Thanks so much.

Marianne said...

Congrats to Emmy and to Momma Sweeti for a job well done!!

Happy traveling.

D.T. said...

OMG! You can totally see her smile in that picture! That's soooooo cute. Seriously, it's unbelievably cute! Good job Sweeti on rasing another perfect "kid"!