Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Emmy with her wings for Halloween

It's been 4 days and a good many hours that the Mr.s been gone bird hunting for Pheasant, The Raleigh dog too. Emmy and I have been crawling the walls to figure out things to do.
I have had lots of time to think and I realized my back doesn't hurt as badly as it was before, I think the traction once a week is helping tremendously. Yeah, less pills to take. I only have to take them now when I over do it to much. :)

I've realized that I need more friends in my area to go do things with, I'll work on this.
I've realized I need to attend some Al-anon meetings so I can get over the guilt that I'm just sitting on my hands and watching some family members destroy themselves and face it head on.
I never want to lose another family member to drug or alcohol abuse again.

I need to keep working on going to the gym if only just for me, I feel better when I'm going and life seems a lot more positive. Do you know how hard it is to convince someone to go and workout with you as a workout buddy? Even if you offer to pay their way they make excuses. Why do I need someone to do this with anyway?

For now I'm happy, The Mr. is on the way home soon, Emmy is cuddled up on my lap and content and snoozing we got each other today. Now if the sun would peek out it would make my day. Posted by Picasa

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Marianne said...

Do you have a garden club or a civic club there? I made some awesome friends at my garden club when I was married.

Good for you on the gym thing. I tried to get Shark to go walking with me, and he did at first, but he would walk slow and hold my hand and I knew we were not accomplishing anything. Then he quit going and so I eventually stopped too.

So...good for you for going and I hope you find someone as equally enthused about that positive working out feeling as you!

Jeannie said...

Sweeti - it's really too bad we don't live closer. I like a gym buddy too. And I need more friends because sometimes ya wanna do something and you don't wanna go alone. And I would gladly babysit Emmy when you needed it. And I would take excess baking off your hands.

D.T. said...

So you're making plans to go out and enjoy life, huh? Good for you! Hopefully you find something real soon to love and cherish.

P.S. If Emmy ever has any kids, please, please remember me...

Sweetilicious said...

You guys are good friends, I wish you all lived closer.