Monday, October 09, 2006

My Baby Sis' Birthday and the Beach house

We arrived late Friday night and Baby Sis was thinking we'd never show up I'm sure...However we did make before her Birthday was over. We had homemade Cherry Cheese cake with a 38 candle salute, That glow was a little warm. ::Me, Snickering in silence:: Another case of misery loves company. We had homemade Pumpkin pie which I know the Grand boys loved they are pumpkin pie connoisseurs from birth I think. The nice thing, they think mine is the best.

This was the morning breaking on Manzanita Beach, for some reason the Raleigh dog remembered where he was and like a kid at Christmas woke us up at the evidence of first light. I think he and little Emmy Lou had a chat on the way there and had plans all set for morning after arrival. We make our way to the beach and at first Emmy wasn't to sure of the sand and wanted up. Then she seen the Mr. cut the Raleigh dog loose and watched him run like a mad man.
Raleigh ran up and down and all around for probably a half hour straight, running thru water pockets and sinking neck high from time to time. ...And then he ran more. The bird dog was feeling really birdy, Hmmmm, you think he knows it's bird season?

Emmy then was put down on the firm sand and she sniffed and explored, found a jelly fish that had washed up and quickly backed away from that. Then she got a case of friskiness wanting to run and play. She'd stop and dig and then pounce the sand and watch it fly. I think she had a blast for her first trip to the Oregon Coast.

This is the beach house we stayed at again (.: The Family Weekend Retreat) Thank you again to Al and Ester, It was fun and appreciated as usual and accommodatingly home like. I was able to make a roast beef dinner with carrots and potatoes and all the trimming and didn't want for any kitchen utensil. That's unusual in itself for a rental.

I found the first light coming thru the trees and my first focus was on the beauty of sunlight and shadows among the trees, Then my eyes were in for a treat first a reminder it was fall with a spiders web with dew on it in the sunlight.
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Then, I focus on the Stellar Jay, (((Hello)))...that is waiting patiently for his peanut breakfast. He posed for me as if he was used to working for his food and knew it would follow the photo shoot.

Then as if it were staged something in the trees catches my eye and there she is...a momma, a Doe and her fawn, She watches me too, I talked to her and she moved closer. The fawn just laid down and took a nap. You can't get this type of opportunities in many places nowadays.

These cloud like skies broke early and Saturday was beautiful and I bet 72 degrees. October really is nice on the Oregon coast, We have not as much wind and we get these remarkably surprising nice weather days just out of the blue.

The sunset pictures.

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