Monday, October 02, 2006

NWSA Fall Classic Horse Show 2006 Web album, results and my take on the show.

These are the results from the classes

Now for the benefit of those of you that don't go to Horse shows let me make you wish you did.
The American Saddlebred horses, the Friesians, and the Hackney Ponies that compete in these shows are often fed and groomed better than their people that ride them. I'm just kidding about that part...But really these horses are cared for and fed some of the best nutritional foods and their health is constantly looked after and inoculations kept to date.
To own these show horses is a financial investment on the owners part and you'll find these horses are part of their family. Their life is in the barn and they just sleep in the house.
Going to these shows are expensive also mostly because of the transport costs some come clear from Alberta, Canada and from sunny southern California but also the motel, show fees and stall fees add up too, Then consider the stall decorations starting in the low thousand dollar range and depending on the barn going up considerably and then all the flowers. It's all about the big picture...The Show.

We here in Oregon cater to our people that show, as well as the horses. We throw parties and have luncheons and Bar-b-que, Pizza parties and yes, The Pie or Cobbler and Ice cream social, We serve Coffee and donuts every morning and have an Aisle Party not to be beat, that the Patrons contribute to with everything from Shrimp cocktails, Home smoked Salmon, specialty soups of various flavors.
Deserts to die for no kidding. Fresh made cream puffs with chocolate Ganache, Chocolate fountains with fresh Strawberries, Almost everyone contributes to this event. It's food galore.
Then usually every year we have a Show Horse Retirement party or some other type of big toodoo yet another excuse for good food and drink, This years party was hosted by Harry and Mollie Chapman for their horse Posse Man, did I mention the open bar during the evening performances?
And we even cater to all the dogs that come with their people to the show with a show of their own. Our Calling All Canine Dog show features crazy categories such as longest tail, oldest dog, Youngest dog and dogs that traveled the furthest. I didn't enter my Emmy Lou this year, But she would have won the best toe licker or longest tongue by a mile.

This year it was a special treat for me to have a woman that I've known for a many years come and join me in the serving of my cobblers, See some 5-6 years ago she came to me and asked if I'd mind bringing a few more cobblers and doing a pie social at first it started out that others would bring pies too but then that was not working so I stepped up and made it my own. Up to that point I would make some for my contribution to the Aisle party and they'd be gone in minutes no kidding!
Now this woman and her husband contributed above and beyond the call of duty to our NWSA Horse show for many years.
Her name is Toni VanWyck, Her husband Austin passed away last year just before our show and I swear his spirit was there with us again this year. He was the Horse show manager and she was his everything and ours too, When they did a show you knew it. She did her best every time even finishing the show like her husband would have wanted before falling apart. They over the years became good friends of ours and I looked forward to seeing them every year.
I loved being able to bring her back into service with the show even if it was just in my Pie and Ice Cream Social and she loved it too! What a great asset she is, She did us proud for many years and has so much to still offer. Thank's for coming and helping Toni.
We are losing our show Chairperson :( this year Karen Lachman, and gaining a new one Anne Byers. Karen I'll miss you and totally understand the need for sanity and a rest. Thank's for all you did! Anne welcome and I know you'll do great!

Oh, I almost forgot to write about this elderly gentleman and I do mean Gentleman and his elderly wife. See every year the Show Manager presents the Mr. and I with our Table as a thank you for the contributions of the pie social. This year I went to sit at our table and I had company already sitting there, I introduced myself and they seen my name on the table and offered to move but I insisted they stay.
As I talked to and watched this couple I admired the relationship they had. See the woman had had a stroke last year and he did everything in his power to make here feel as appreciated and dignified as he could. He would ask her if she'd like to go or if she was hungry or just what she thought of something and then wait patiently for her answer. He was about as sweet my Mr. He is her angel here on earth and she is his.

This was a fullfilling experience, and a wonderful show. Now don't you wish you were there too?

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