Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Wall flower

Picture snapped by the teacher, I love email!

The Grandson says to me "Hey Gramma tonight's my first dance ever", I say, oh? Then he said "I'm just gonna be a wallflower", I said nothing, (but inside I'm snickering big time to myself). Hmmmm,a Wallflower? I wonder where he got that term, That's as old as dirt itself.
Oh, and he says I'm not dressing up for the dance either. I said, Are you sure? He say oh yeah, kids don't dress up for dances anymore Gramma. (He thinks he's so cool.)
I still remind him frequently that he's only 11 and still wet behind the ears, He shows signs of disapproval every time and then grins, He knows I think he's to big for his britches and rightly so.

Hmmmm, how could he possibly know this with it being his first dance and probably everyone else's in his school also. I bet the girls didn't think this way and if they did I bet it was still a new shirt and jeans.

Now for someone that was just going to be a wallflower he sure looks to be dancing to me, Oh, but he's at the ripe ol' age of 11 and would probably dispute that I was just seeing things and that's not really dancing. I really don't care for the argumentative cycle that 11 brings it wastes too much of my energy, I want my sweet good natured boy back.

It brings to mind a plaque I seen hanging in Libby's Restaurant in Milwaukee, Or. I read "Quick, hurry, Hire a teenager while they still know everything." Now I know he's not a teenager yet but I get the distinct feeling coming on that he's well on his way. ***Sigh***
I'm glad I'm the Gramma now.

I think jobs are good for these kids, If only for the fact they bring about a little Humble pie with the exhaustion that good ol' fashioned work affords them. I look at it as an equalizer, They don't have the energy to argue as much either. :)

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