Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Blog-a-Versary month ...1 year old

As you probably have noticed I have not been the best blog keeper lately. Just so you know I've been reading your blogs but not tending mine. Sorry.

Well, back in October I missed writing a blog entry for my 100th post...I completely forgot to do it. So today being the last day of November I was running short of the month of my blog anniversary, So happy Blog-A-versary to me, And thank you Jeannie for getting me started writing! You probably regret it now huh?

I love my picture blog but I like writing also, Much to my own amazement. But I enjoy the friends that I've made and the funny topics we've shared and the history and mental help we've gave eachother the most.

I love that I'm able to entertain a few of my blog followers with a good chuckle from time to time also thanks for keeping up with me.

Well, the month has been a busy one with the Thanksgiving Turkey aroma just barely out of the air and the leftovers either canned or thrown away. BTW, I made an awesome homemade Turkey noodle soup this year. Homemade noodles and all, This was one of the things the kids looked forward to after turkey day was the soup with homemade noodles and homemade sweet white bread.
Our gathering was small and informal, Just comfortable, We missed some of our group but I hear tell they'll all be here next year. We'll surely celebrate that. The Mr.'s younger brother Carl and Michaelann came over from the East this year...that was fun for both of us, The Mr. played video games and spurred a mean competition on Madden football. Michaelann and I went window shopping at the new Bridgeport village mall, Everything was nice and expensive. Then we seen Santa Clause 3 the movie, I know it's a no brainer but it was a Christmas movie and I had someone to see it with. I think I missed #2 though, Maybe I'll rent it.

I wanted to go see Borat, I heard it was really funny. But still haven't found a movie buddy for that one.

Yesterday I was cleaning my spoon collection and got to thinking about things my mother told me about traditions in Norway the country she came from. She said it was customary for a young man to carve a set of spoons for the girl he'd like to marry.
The symbols that he carved into the spoons all had meaning...Things like a good provider was shown by the depth of the spoon or if there was a lock or key on it meant he would keep her safe from harm. While cleaning my spoons I realized how many my Mr. had given me over the years and thought to myself if he were a suitor in Norway I certainly would known he loved me. Just a different time and place is all, But it for a minute paralleled life back in those days.

There was also a custom that a father when a daughter came of age to marry would give her an empty knife sheath and send her out to find a suitor, sometimes the knife the suitor gave her was too small for the sheath and she spent a lot of time if she liked him trying to convince him that, It not the size of the blade it's how you use it. (Snickering)

Now I'm thinking I'm glad the Mr. made me a sword first, so I Don't have to go there.

Ok, so much for that...I'd better get on with some more things I've been putting off.

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Jeannie said...

Happy Blogaversary!
I always look forward to your posts. I never thought to have a special on the 100th post. I talk too much anyway. I've deleted posts because no one would go back that far anyway.
I like the emotional support as well.
The internet isn't all bad.

D.T. said...

Happy Belated Blog-a-Versary! I'm real curious as to how you celebrated your special day and what kind of html treats did you and your love share...LOL! Maybe spoons...?

Anyways, thanks for a year of entertainment!

Marianne said...

I so would go see Borat with you. Shark doesn't want to go.

And that is priceless! I just changed the title of my blog today and's a coincidence that you would have a picture of that mug posted here. I swear I didn't read it before I got the creative idea to change my blog title.


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