Tuesday, December 19, 2006


My backyard wintery wonderland

My new norwegian mittens bird feeder
Well, The Mr. and I snuck out last night and got about half the shopping done. YAY!
It's been hovering in the low 20's-below freezing for days now. Although it's beautiful, it's still not snowing. We are now hearing threats of my most dreaded weather-Freezing rain. I'm thinking just what I need, A ton of stuff to do and end up getting stranded at home. I wish it would just snow.

I'm thinking to warm up I should bake another Carrot cake, The baby sister requested one after having to salivate over the last one with not even a taste. This year I think we might do doughnuts again after a hiatus of quite a few years.Yummmm. I wish the all the kids were going to be here. It just didn't work out this year.

I hope they know I miss them, and it won't be the same without them. But I'll still enjoy what we have and light a candle for each one not here. Maybe they'll feel my warmth.

I just got thru putting up the baby shoe tree, I makes me sentimental everytime.
It takes me back to the little toes I loved so much, I'm so glad I saved them.

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Jeannie said...

That baby shoe tree is adorable! I didn't keep baby shoes but I think my kids actually wore them out.

That carrot cake did look awfully good.

Our December has been unbelievably mild so far. Go figure.