Monday, December 04, 2006

I did it, Tickets for 2 and a cd also

Today after my moan,complain,question and answer session with my Dr. (poor Guy) Did I ever mention how much I appreciate him listening to me and trying so hard to help me? Well, I'll tell you now, He's amazing! Thank you Tom, I totally appreciate you!
I need to bring you more home baked goodies just as tokens of appreciation.

Now on to the lighter subject, I showed up at the ticket drop spot and it was at my phone company, Which meant I could purchase my tickets at half price and before everyone else...Who knew, All I know is I should have bought a dang lottery ticket today.
It ends up being a lottery style ticket draw. Were all given a ticket after waiting in the freezing cold and brought into a warm room to participate in the raffle.
By this time I have made friends (the social butterfly that I am) with a couple of women that are totally disappointed that they can only buy 2 tickets if their number got drawn. I pulled them aside and told them I would stay and if my ticket got drawn for tickets I'd exchange tickets with them for a chance to win the door prizes.

Well my exchanged ticket ends up getting drawn 3 times in a row, which meant 6 people are going to this concert because I agreed to stay and help. Yay! Maybe they will do the same for someone else sometime.

So, finally it's looking as if I wasn't going to win a cd or door prize and my number gets called again. WooHoo! What are the Odds?
It must have been my good deed. My Angels were surely smiling upon me today.

And it's even Tim McGraw. :-D
So 15.00 for 2 tickets mine were 1/2 price, and all the proceeds from my ticket money is going to the Oregon food bank. Perfect I get to give and have a good time, A win,win situation and to top that off the Baby Sis still thinks I rock for getting her tickets last Friday.

2 Left A Love Note :):

Marianne said...

What incredible luck! Good for you! Tim is dreamy.

Jeannie said...

You are most certainly lucky!