Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The orphan shoe

I think, that I need an extra throw rug, One that I can wash but it doesn't need to be the greatest. Just a durable throw rug right? So, I go to Kiwanis thift store thinking surely they'd have what I needed. Well No, I guess that's a pretty strong draw this time of year. Who knew.
I thought while I was there I'd look around a bit and I found one bronzed baby shoe, So I bought it. Now just a couple of posts ago I wrote about the Baby shoe tree so you know I like them. I cleaned it up a bit and saw a name on the bottom. It read "Gary Doyle" 8-7-54, My guess his birthdate.
I wonder why this baby shoe got donated, Did he pass away and nobody cared enough to save it?
I drilled or rather the Mr. drilled thru the back of the shoe on top and I pulled a beautiful bronze colored ribbon thru it and hung it on the tree of prestige, The baby shoe tree. Now the orphan shoe has a home with the rest.
Maybe someday I'll get the history on the person who's tiny foot filled this shoe.

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Jeannie said...

You may have found an interesting item to collect...