Sunday, December 31, 2006

It's Lost

My christmas morning Bling, Gone. It fell from my wrist. Not to be found, I searched high and low... twice. I think I lost it at a local restaurant. To date nobody has turned it in yet. I still am hoping for it but it seems not likely. I'm just sick.

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Marianne said...

Oh no poor Sweeti! I am so sorry! When I turned 30 my grandmother gave me a set of real tourquoise earrings and a braclet. The braclet was gorgeous! Big chunky pieces of tourquoise. It was expensive and I never did like it's latch. And sure enough I lost it on the way to her house one Saturday morning. We were going to do some shopping together and have lunch. I lost it somewhere between my trip from my house to hers which included one stop to get us both coffees at Starbucks. I was sick for weeks. It was so precious to me. I still have not told her I lost it. I am 34 now.

My heart goes out to you Sweeti. I hope someone kind turns it in.

Jeannie said...

That's really so sad! I lost a bracelet years ago. In fact, I've lost a few. Each time, I simply pray that the person who finds it is blessed by it and if it returns to me, great. If not, then please let it help someone else be happy. I did get my own back a couple times - months later. I have learned not to wear bracelets out until I've had a safety chain attached. At least you still have those who love you right?

bill said...

Damn, that must have hurt. I am very sorry for you.