Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Made to order and all from scratch...

The Ultimate Carrot Cake

Godiva liquor triple chocolate Brownies, Snowballs, Andes Mint Cookies, and Layered bars
Well, I catered a party with the desserts and all turned out great, It was the annual "Bird Fest" that was Hosted By The Kelbers this year for The Deardorffs annual Christmas party. This party is different because everyone is given a frozen Pheasant or a Chukkar to cook in their own special way and it then is brought to the party for all to sample.

The Mr. and Don D. his hunting buddy go each year to bring home Pheasant and Chukkar for this special occasion. An early, early rise and out the door they go. Of course not before I pack all his things and bake his goodies for the trip. It's off to eastern Oregon where the birds are more plentiful and if you miss there's always more to be had. Now I won't go into some of the hunting stories that have come home here but they are doozies. But so much for the great white hunters, back to the topic.

Now, in the past I've done this cooking of the pheasant also, Mine was a pheasant in a creamy savory sauce with fresh peas, carrot slices and small cubed potatoes and little white wine in a crock pot. To serve this I made and baked puff pastry as bowls and ladled this into them at the party. It was good. But dessert was better.

Horse people tend to like home cooking and desserts because they are always in the barn and not in the kitchen cooking.
Now, this was years back. See at the same time I also brought dessert, I can't even remember what it was but it made a big impression. The following year we were assigned according to our last name whether we brought main dish, salad or appetizer, or dessert. My name from then on ended up on the dessert list.

I finished that now it's on to my Holiday baking...It's a never ending stream of good smells coming from my kitchen these days.

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D.T. said...

God I love food with enough alcohol to give you a buzz. It's the best.