Friday, December 22, 2006

Many topics and little time....I must simplify

Simplify: to make simple or simpler: to reduce to basic essentials b : to diminish in scope or complexity : STREAMLINE c : to make more intelligible : CLARIFY.

Seems just simple doesn't it? That's why we don't live in a black and white world and thank goodness there's still shades of gray and life is not always that simple.

Now that reminds me, I need to express a few words on Dr.Laura, Whom I respect her opinion and I feel she's entitled to it. But I don't always agree. Women can marry well with children from previous marriages and have a happy, loving life. Dating after marriage with children is not always a bad thing, Children having babies can raise well adjusted kids and be successful too, Dads can turn themselves around and make their children their priority, If they want to. There is always hope. Nothing is ever just black and white. With life experience I tell you this.

Happy first day of winter, YAY, now the days start getting longer. The winter Solstice deserved a great party this year but I've ran out of time and energy to do it. Just once or maybe twice I'd love to have a great bonfire and some good polka and christmas style music, good hot spiked Wassail, lots of food, friends and no rain to have an outdoor winter solstice party. Sounds fun huh?

I'm thinking once again about my Dad who passed on 26 years ago the 18th, He used to sing Merle Haggard songs to me all the time, Now this is my favorite and reminds me of him.
Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Star I think, He should have been there more for us and it's not the time that he was not there I try to recoup, Rather the contrary, the times when he was there were mine or so I thought. Now I have him around me all the time, Everytime the stars shine brightly, I know he's there. I wish to understand someday what was so important that could draw a father away from little kids that loved him so much. He was a true wanderer. I still miss his charm and smile.

Yesterday I had another question and answer period with my Doc Tom (:-). We decided just to treat my Sinus infection. He has reminded me of the Wal-Mart 4 dollar prescription program for generic drugs. Now say what you will about Wal-Mart but, I personally like the savings they offer and I know any other details will iron itself out someday.
Just click this link for the list to see if you can save some money. You might want to see if your state is offering the program. I know sometimes for a lot of people it is a choice between food and Meds. It's just utterly ridiculous how much one pill can cost! Go there and try Target Pharmacy too. Do you see the other giant out there doing this? Well Noooo, Maybe Walgreens should take some lessons.

Now an update on Christmas and my lack there of, Tree is up and finally decorated, Presents that needed shipping is done. Presents that need to be bought, Not Done.
I pick up my Fishers bone in Ham today,I'll remind you that it's the best ham in for many, many miles around, Not to salty like most, but absolutely Moist and Tender. You simply can't go wrong here. I say that with 20+ years of experience.

I tell you this only after I have reserved mine. I hope when I go in there my sinuses will let me smell the incrediblely delicious aroma the this place has. It's a sensory thing for me, It immediately makes me remember fond holidays with my loved ones and makes my tummy growl like crazy too. Oh, and finish my grocery shopping too, Probably not a good idea after the ham place but oh well.

I'm gonna try to simplify and enjoy my holiday, I hope you can too!

One last thing...As I was sitting eating my warm with a little butter and honey homemade Oat, Applesauce, and wheat bran muffin this morning thinking Damn, I did good on this batch, and every bite was tasting better and better. I open up an email from the Baby Sis and it was a funny but semi true forward with little quips of knowledgeable humor, I read...The Cardiologists Diet..."If it tastes good spit it out". It figures... Tom if your still reading this was for you.

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Marianne said...

Merry Christmas Sweeti. Wish I was there sharing a muffin with you!