Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mike and Amy's 5th Annual The Hometown Holiday show with Craig Morgan

We had the best time at this event! The baby Sister, The Mr. and I all met up and sat together.
We started the evening off with a dinner from Baha Fresh, A Mexican style dinner with beans and rice with veggie or chicken burrito and chips. They offered beer, wine or soda, water or coffee for a reasonable price, I know that's unheard of anymore huh? The Abernathy center was a nice place to have this, the only thing missing was a table to eat on, that was a little challenging but doable.

OK, I howled and screamed like a school girl, But there was not enough noise coming from our section so maybe I thought I'd make up for it. My sister even said she swore she heard me yodel along with one song, Hmmmm...Meeee, Well Maybe.

To start the evening off there was Mike and Amy with the radio station KWJJ / 99.5 The WOLF (our Host and Hostess), Doing the intro's and some lite bantering back and forth. Mike's President Bush impression was remarkably good and even funnier to watch. They introduced the first of 4 sets of entertainment.

The Wilders We're there and quite enjoyable, Followed By the Tuba's and I think their name was Impromptubas, at least that's what I thought I heard. They played Christmas songs all by Tuba. It was an interesting concept and I'm sure they'll only get better with more practice. This was a group that practiced 2-5 minutes together before their first performance and walked out and played together...That's nuts. We gave it up for them giving it their best.

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Then we had the pleasure of listening to Zach Driscoll and Three Quarter time. You really should click their link and check out their Christmas song, They gave us permission to download it even and said Merry Christmas. These are some local guys, But, I'd never heard of them before last night. We really liked them!

And then Craig Morgan, I was close enough to be able to get these kind of pictures. He was a class act. He had this home spun all around good ol' country boy thing going. The girls we're cringing everytime he mention his wife and he did quite often, I heard one say there he goes again with that "W" word again. I know she was just kidding but he was one to write home about to Momma. He just seemed like a hell of a nice guy in person. Cute Smile. ;-)

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Extra picture in this web album.
We were so impressed by the fact that this was a small town concert for 450 people and the bands were pared down and relaxed but Craig Morgan and his band manager/Drummer/back up guitarist were able to deliver to a level that you felt no one was missing. They called it an acoustical concert. I personally was Wowed by his voice, Holy crap this man can sing. His personality was great, Witty, often humorous, and he involved the audience, more like captivated the audience.

We made a pact, the Mr. and I, when we we're leaving that we'll be getting tickets next year and doing the same thing. I wonder who Mike and Amy will get next year? It was like an intimate concert for a few compared to the thousands that you'd get a a regular concert. It Was awesome!

All that and it was for a good cause, The Oregon Food Bank.
The sponsors of this event deserve honorable mention again. The Artists themselves, The Abernethy Center, Baha Fresh, Furniture Outlet, BCT Telephone company and KWJJ 99.5 Thanks you guys for the great time! If I left someone out let me know I'll amend my post.
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PS. At Walmart and Target his CD's have bonus tracks on them.

A special note...The Mr. now has a new favorite and had been mistaken (I know, it's a rare thing) thinking some of his songs were sung by Kenny Chesney. Namely the Almost Home song and the What I like about Sunday song. Well, you know we'll be buying some CD's, Maybe He'll get some for Christmas. Now that He is not driving "Old true and blue" anymore and has mine, He has a really nice CD player and speakers and that could make his driving much more enjoyable.

WooHoo!....the Oregon food bank has almost 10,000 dollars more to work with the season! This is so Great, Thank's so much for doing what you do to contribute to helping others.

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Jeannie said...

Glad you had a nice time. Smaller concerts are better. Although I'd watch along with 25000 gladly if it's an artist I like - you just don't actually get to see much of them unless you're getting crushed up front.

Sweetilicious said...

Thank you, I would go to big concerts too but these small ones are great. That and the money went to a really good cause. Feeding families.
Now we need to do fund raisers to warm families homes with donated money, wood or propane and oil.
Maybe the Winter Solstice would be a good holiday for that.