Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My favorite gift

There were times that could make a grown man cry and times that could bring out the little boy in a man, Times that could make a mother, sister, and a sweetheart cherish forever.
I would like to address the men reading this blog if there are any, I received the best possible gift as my christmas gift, many years in a row now, each year a different sentiment but still looked forward to with great anticipation. A love letter. It costed $5.95 for the Hallmark card. The words inside priceless. Do think of this for your sweetheart start your own tradition...the more you give, the more your receive.
My Favorite Gift

My baby Sister brought me a meaningful gift also, My past, she went thru family albums and brought me family pictures of me and our mom, dad, aunts and uncles, family friends. Along with scrapbooking supplies. Love It!

My Daughter and Son in law

My Grandson and I, Hmmm, at least I'm still smiling, My feet were killing me.

The Mr's Son Bo, Opening a Chefs knife the Mr. made just for him.

The goody table, Coconut and almond bon bons, Pecan pie bars, Carrot cake.

The Baby sister

Uncle Glen getting his first ever probably hand exfoliation, Geez some people never let work just go. The daughter is a new Mary Kay representative.
Now that I have some time to re-cap on our Holiday. Let me say it was another one of those profound and meaningful gatherings. We had good food, family and warm hearts. What more could there be?

The Mr and Aunt Connie (She brings homemade yeast rolls every holiday and this was no exception. Yummmm.)
A dvd player, for viewing pictures away from home and sharing stories with loved ones. Oh, and Christmas morning Bling. What girl doesn't love that? A black onyx and gold Bracelet. Black onyx brings me luck. I'm just lucky to have all these people that love me. That's really what's lucky.

PS. I really loved my Tutti Dolci Lip gloss and hand held Vacuum Too. Thank you!

2 Left A Love Note :):

Jeannie said...

Well, a love letter would be very sweet when received by someone such as you. I, on the other hand, would feel all quooshy inside and say something funny but stinging to keep me from crying and embarrassing myself so I would be guaranteed never to receive another. You are both lucky to have eachother.

Marianne said...

oh my gosh I loved reading this post and seeing your pictures. I almost feel like I was there.

Wait...that sounds psycho...I am not a part of your family...why would I be there? Perhaps I was hiding behind your tree, or under the dessert yes. I saw how many times you came back for another slice of that coconut cake. And may I say that it's okay to endulge one last time before the new years resolution.

Oh nevermind. I sound crazy. Nice post.