Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Post climatic, mildly depressed after holiday state of mind

...You know the feeling, After the holiday, after all the planning, after all the shopping, and after the actual Christmas event when all the wrapping has settled and family has gone home, only leftovers and tidbits, the of your favorite foods and decorations still remain, sadly it's come and gone for another year, when you just sit and let your mind down to relax....Do you hear the silence? Deep Sigh.

For me the Holidays are harder to do every year but feel more rewarding when done...Each year the amount of work prior to the holiday is immense, Cleaning, cooking, planning and shopping. This year was no different although my sinus infection let up for a little bit at the right time also to afford me some energy to cross the finish line with some energy left.

I had some elves come to help me this year and they deserve honorable mention, My daughter came and helped with the tearing down of the guest room and making sure the linens were fresh and did endless loads of laundry from the bed stripping. The Mr.s son, A chef and cook for an assisted care living facility, Came this year and helped make my life less frantic in the kitchen. I felt myself release and say, only after they said "Can I help?"...Yes, you can. Three words in my first baby steps to delegating.
Say your proud of me quickly, I need the positive reinforcement.

They helped out a lot, and me, I'm most appreciative...

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Marianne said...

Delegating duties is divine! Good job! I bet it wasn't easy.

Jeannie said...

Good job at the delegating. I'm afraid that other than asking my sister to bring salad (I detest making salad ever) I flunked on the accepting help thing.