Wednesday, December 20, 2006

We have choices, Please choose wisely.

Mt. Hood without the snow
Recently we had 3 climbers on our Mt. Hood not come back by their expected time frame. I've watched this and prayed they'd find them alive and well for what seems like an eternity. They were mind you, very experienced climbers and knew all the right stuff about survival. Today they called off the mission to search and save them and called it now a recovery mission...Sad.
They have found one of the climbers and he died from exposure. I hate to think it but the rest are probably in the same trouble. Its been 13-14 days and many countless people and planes and advanced aircraft with heat sensing equipment have scoured the mountain to no avail.
I have a problem with this, Not that people with good hearts and high hopes will go to the extent of getting frostbite themselves to save another, Or that flying up there with the weird winds around that mountain whipping up at any given time. But with the stupidity of people climbing a mountain in friggin December!...and jeopardizing other peoples lives if something terrible like this happens. What were they thinking? It was almost like asking for it without asking. What a waste.

My heart goes out to their families, and I know it must be terrible and deeply painful to have sit and watch and wait.

I've heard they could have rented an avalanche beacon for 5 or 10 something each and the signal would have easily been picked up. Why didn't they? Why?

It should be against the law the climb without one.

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Dennis said...

I have a huge problem with the stupidity of these hikers. Mountain climbing in frickin December?!? Now many others are risking their lives in a fruitless recovery mission.

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Jeannie said...

I don't understand why they wouldn't have carried a locator as a regular piece of equipment. Anyone going into the wilderness should in fact. But people seem to like being idiots.
Your pictures are fabulous though. I wish we had scenery like that! All we have is the freaking escarpment and that's just a joke in comparison.

Marianne said...

I too followed this story and wondered if you were familiar with this location.

And I agree...foolish.