Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

Well, The Christmas Ham is in the oven and it's nicely smoked aroma is everywhere and wonderfully traditional in our family, I didn't get all the baking done that I wanted to, just to busy with other things. I think we'll survive though.
I did make the pumpkin cream cheese logs and the pumpkin pies for the Grandboys. The oldest called last night just to chat, I could tell in his voice that he just wanted to anticipate with me on the phone. He asked questions about all his favorite foods (Bacon wrapped chicken livers and water chestnuts)and his pie, and tried to sneak in little ones how many presents did he have here. It sometimes just doesn't matter what the gift is just having a bunch to unwrap is fun. So I wrap everything.
In chatting with him it made me remember the #2 son at a young age being all excited about Christmas and how he was just gonna die if it didn't hurry up and get here and how they all just liked to kinda bring up the conversation topic just to be in the magic of Christmas morning. We could talk for a half hour or more before bed about how santa really knows just what you wanted or needed. It was about recreating the magic that I knew as a child, a gift to pass on. These really were some of the best times. Sweet Memories.
I hope someone recreates a special Christmas tradition for all of you out there, and for my family you know your in my heart and I miss you so much. Merry Christmas.XOXO

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hello Everyone

Well, the Sweeti has come up for some air...
Lots of things have been happening, the Number 1 thing that has had me on pins and needles is the youngest Grandson Trent has been diagnosed with viral mono. We have been so worried. He has been in and out of the hosp. for IV fluids due to dehydration and vomiting. It's so scary when kids get sick.
I miss him terribly, I haven't seen him since Thanksgiving and now probably won't get to see him til next year. We talk on the phone though, You know updating the christmas list from time to time.
He should start feeling better soon, although in my book that's not soon enough.

I've been shopping but I'm still not done and it's almost Christmas eve. Which is when the family has a nice dinner and does the gift exchange. We draw names for the adults now, Not as fun as buying for everyone but its affordable. We definately know that we love eachother so a gift of sharing the time and having the dinner together means a great deal. The gift is love and caring. Neither of the boys will be home this year. If this keeps up I'll be thinking of Christmas somewhere tropical for the future. Kidding...I hope they plan for a good gathering next year.

I've been baking like crazy, I send out Christmas cookies to the Mr's customers as an edible Christmas Card. The customers say they like it, I guess they could be just humoring me. If they are I wish they'd tell me so. Not that I would stop.
I jokingly asked for a baking intervention from a fellow blogger and he said; "Put down the spatula, step away from the oven, and nobody gets hurt..." Funny huh.

Well, I hope Your holiday is shaping up nicely, I've been reading your blogs but sometimes don't have time to comment. Just know time soon will be freed up a bit and I'll be back to my blog again. Merry Christmas if I don't get a chance to post again before then.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I Hope you and yours have the very best, and you have everything to be Thankful for.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

~~Elvis was in the house~~

This is the Mr.'s Aunt Jackie, now remarried to another, but still Aunt Jackie. We were summoned to a 50's party by A. Jackie's daughter, and one of my favorite cousins, Kristi. The invitation read; Shhhhhh, Don't breath a word, It's a surprise party. Dress as if you were in the 50's. I thought, this could be really fun.

So we arrive after an almost 2 hour trip southward from us, normally only 1-1/2 or so but the rain was coming down in buckets on Saturday in our area. Roads were slow and almost at times impassable. But we made it there safely. We took the youngest Grandson Trent with us, now when you look at him remember he's only 10. He's gonna be a tall one.

We were a little late and didn't get to shout (((surprise))) but oh well, we didn't miss the best part the singing telegram. He was coming precisely at 2pm. A. Jackie was relieved to know she was actually getting a birthday party instead of just going to lunch for pizza. She hates pizza, "Everyone does pizza, there's nothing special about pizza", she says.

Little did she know that the plan to bring Elvis the impersonator in to the house was still in the plan and I think was perfectly happy to see all her friends and family from all around coming to celebrate her birthday.
I started watching the door about 2 PM. for our surprise guest, and then all of a sudden he came in and boy, was she surprised. He glides in with this studded over the top Elvis outfit cut down to the top part of his stomach, a huge gold colored cross and big diamond rings. I had expected him to be taller, was my first thought.

All we could see of A. Jackie was her covering her mouth and I don't know whether it was she was laughing so hard or she was over the top embarrassed. He whisked her up to the for front of the crowd and proceeded to sing Viva Las Vegas in a rendition pretty unfamiliar to me, but after all he was just a singer doing singing telegrams. So YAY for Jackie, we got her pretty good.
I don't think she will soon forget this non-pizza birthday party.

So Elvis went on to sing 5-6 songs, Hound dog was one of them. He even got Jackie's husband up to dance and I don't think he's a dancer, But he certainly got up and did a little ditty in front of everyone for Jackie and she was dying laughing he was so funny. Elvis even had a spare set of glasses for him to sport while doing' the jig.

Afterwards he stayed and signed autographs and posed for pictures, He was a good sport. Although close up he looked like he could cross over and be able to do Wayne Newton also. Hmmm, I wonder if he does?

Below is cousin Kristi and her baby girl Grace all dressed up in their scotty and kitty skirts, I didn't even know there was such a thing. I'm wondering if they didn't rent outfits, there was a lot of them wearing the same type skirts. I think we should have brought an outfit for A. Jackie to wear too. Remember that if you plan a 50's surprise party, involve your guest of honor too if you can.

Me and the Mr., we had a blast dressing up, He in his black leather jacket and penny loafers with the best duck butt hairdoo on the block, and me in my pink felt poodle skirt and saddle shoes and even spirting a vintage can of aqua-net super hold hair spray. All I can say is... FUN.

Trent even got into the spirit of the party with a original hairdoo and a deck of card rolled up in in his sleeve and a permanent marker tattoo on his arm of a heart with the word MOM inside with an arrow thru it. he didn't look only 10.

This is for all the Farriers out there that are balding, My Mr. is showing off his good hair while he has it. For some reason this field of work tends to make men lose their hair faster, I think it must be the heavy metals the are constantly exposed to. He's still got it, and a head full of it too.

Now down to the original reason for the post. Happy 70th Birthday Aunt Jackie!...and she was worried it was going to make the little town newspaper with her age exposed, How about the internet.
I told her my secret, 39 again and again. You never have to try to remember your age, and it's the only thing that stays consistant with life changing so constantly.

Friday, November 16, 2007

My boys will be proud

The Mr. is just excited I take these projects on all by myself with little or no assistance from him, and frankly I'm just independant enough in thought to enjoy the freedom. I'm very handy that way. Which in turn leaves him with more time in the shop in his off time. Knifesmithing on his magnum opus. He making some major break throughs in his craft and very excited about it.

I've been in the process of revamping my kitchen and wanted to accomplish at least this much before Thanksgiving. Things are more difficult to get finished nowadays and tend to get finished in stages, everything I do depends on how my back feels. My drive is there, But I know, if I do too much I'll be down for a couple days with an sore back. Not to complain, I do what I can and nothing more.

But check it out, My new Stainless steel tiled backsplash, It's up but not grouted yet, that'll have to wait for another day.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dastardly job but someone has to do it.

Today was Grandparents day at the #2 grandsons school, A nice ploy by the school to sucker us in to the book fair hoping every grandparent has an endless expense account and an open pocketbook. Cha-ching an easy 40 bucks, books and supplies.
We did lunch in his cafeteria Turkey chunks in gravy with mashed potato, green salad, green beans, cranberry sauce, whole wheat roll and peaches. A lovely lunch...I don't miss that at all.

Trent calls me last night and says "Gramma?" Can you come to lunch tomorrow? I said let me check my calendar. OK, I can come, I said. Good. He said. and with that we hung up. ...5 minutes later he calls and says "Gramma?"I say yes? He says I just wanted to tell you not to forget your pocketbook because it's a book fair too. I said, I wondered how I was going unscathed by not getting called upon to do the book fair. He chuckles to himself in his Muttley type Snicker under his breath. See you tomorrow I say, Thanks Gramma he says.

Now that's the reason I do this every year.

We entered the raffle drawing this year again which is why he likes me to come early and bust him out of his class. See as soon as a grandparent arrives they are excused to go and join them. This year he told me to be there at 11am and come to find out his lunch was at 12:40.
I teased him about that and he just grins, I think he likes me to come and be with him at school.

Well, We didn't win this year but, we spent time in the library playing vocabulary games on the PC and I kicked his butt, then again he's a 4th grader also. We played memory match games and by the luck of whom ever got to go first was the winner on those games. The thing I loved the most was Trent seen a friend who's family didn't come for whatever reason and he invited him to share time with us. We had a good time and I left feeling pride in my Grandsons actions. Admirable :)

Saturday is the surprise party, 50's dress up with prizes for the best dressed, We are going and participating. Trent will come along too. Should be fun! I'll take pictures.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Newport, Oregon, Cape Meares, and the Lighthouse

This for the benefit of those unfamilar with this landmark, this is the Neport Bay bridge, an architecturally beautiful bridge. Photographers far and wide shoot this bridge for it's never ending and always changing photo friendly sunsets and photographic structure.

This is in the Newport bay, Looking towards the Oregon Coast Aquarium, a huge attraction for those who like sea life and want to learn more about the Pacific ocean. As a matter of a fact, the very one that held Keiko the killer whale for some time.

Newport Bay Marina, A first hand look at some of the working boats here. The first thing you hear day or night is all the sea lions barking for food around the marina. We had dinner and they were still barking at 9pm in the evening.

My Mr. and my little Emmy at the Marina

The view looking north of Cape Meares,

the view looking south.

Cape Meares lighthouse, This is supposed to be a haunted lighthouse but upon a closer evaluation, I can see no Spooks in there.

These are the example of the 200' elevation at Cape Meares Lighthouse, I though it was really interesting to check out how you can see all the sedimetary layers in the cliff side. It makes you wonder just how long they could date these layers back to. If you'd like to learn more about this area go to this link (click Here)

The Veteran and the Road hunt and Mario Andretti

I went Elk hunting or rather road hunting for Elk, We were supposed to go to the Coastal area and hunt on private property but needless to say that didn't work out. We actually got the invite thru a cousin and it came down to the property owner only wanted 3 tags to be hunted on his property and the Mr. was the 4th tag.
So we decided to go it on our own, Which meant the Mr. and I and little Emmy, now were scouting out a place to hunt in the national forest area on the coast. I thought I would shoot pictures and be with the Mr. so he wasn't out there alone. He wanted to go pretty bad and we made the best of the 3 day long hunt in one day.

We checked out on line on the live search maps some of the logging roads in the Siuslaw National Forest, it's really a beautiful place. We had never been to this area before and totally didn't know what to expect. But hey, were making the best of a foiled hunting trip. Lemonade from lemons, yadda, yadda, you know.

We drove up logging roads and I'm thinking just around every corner there's going to be and elk or at least a deer, But nope, the elk had the sixth sense enough to know where they could hide and we didn't know where that was evidently. The trip was not without it's oooh's and awwww's though, the scenery was perfect. Sunny and with a slight coolness to the air.


We stumble across a hunting camp with some good ol' boys sitting around a camp fire. So we stop to have a little chat. It turns out that the hunter we visit with is from Albany, Or., Only some of my former stomping grounds. I didn't know of him but he knew of my Ex father in law. Small world.

Turns out he's a Disabled Veteran and was hunting on a special permit cow tag. As we got to talking I realized I liked this guy, he had some charm but also the knowledge of the area and made a friendly host.

We ended up following him and his buddies on their evening hunt learning the area for next year. So we can have an elk camp ourselves in the area. He proved to know his way around pretty good, We probably wouldn't have ventured that far on our own.

We took my Suzuki xl-7 and it did really well, we even got to kick in the 4 wheel drive. The Mr. was impressed that it did so well, ...and the nice part it still had a half of a tank of gas at the end of the trip.
I got to take my pictures for my cards to send to the troops (a little piece of home) and the Mr. got to do a little hunting, I was the only one shooting though. No elk this year, maybe next year.
See these hills?, Nothing but trees.
This was the stop to give the Mr. his Bearings on our location, Victor points ou a logging opperation that most never get to see, Soon it will be cleared and then re-planted. The smoke to the side of the picture is a slash burn on old limbs and root balls from such opperations.

So it's getting dusky in the forest on us and our road guide Victor Kuhns our new acquaintance, decides it's time to go back and with that we see the mild mannered Vet turn into Mario Andretti in a flash, Now Remember we are in unfamiliar territory and it's getting dark. I said to the Mr. "I wonder if he's trying to lose us?" I seriously didn't think the ol fellow had it in him. He's proving to be more of a character than I had initially thought. He had made a stop earlier to tell the Mr. about a certain area and offered us a root beer, then, back to the road.

...By now it really dark and were not letting his tail lights out our sights which at times it was hard to keep up with him, sheesh, how much root beer did he have? LOL.
Well, he didn't shake us and we made it out alive. Maybe we'll meet up with him again. He could have some pretty interesting tales to tell I bet, he was just the type that you could have been entertained for days by. I tried to look him up but he must be unlisted, so maybe he'll visit my blog (I gave him my card) and send me a phone number via email or call or something.

This past weekend was Veterans Day weekend, Also my #2 sons birthday, Happy Birthday Carl!

To all the Veterans out there Thank you for your dedication to our country, Your efforts make me so proud to be an American and thankful to you for being able to live in a country with the freedom that you fought for.
This was for the troops from Victor.
Our new found friend was wearing a cap with these words on it "Veterans made America" He's absolutely right, So Thank you to you and our active troops for all that you do.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's beginning to look and feel like Thanksgiving

This road leads to our house up on the hill. I wonder if my boys remember it? They could have forgotten, It's been a long time since I've seen them. I dreamed of the #1 son the other night, I woke up sad, He was traveling to the Portland area in my dream to work and was too busy to see me. I must be missing him a lot more than I think.
This will be the 2nd Thanksgiving that the #2 son will not be here either. I miss him terribly too.

I've been buried in the fog for 4-5 days now, the trees have lost most of their leaves and are standing in wait of the icy cold months ahead. Fog always arrives just before Thanksgiving in this area, I reminds me of the day when all the good smells are in the house and family are are here laughing and joking, playing games, and reunititing in kindered spirit. The day when food is love, my gift of (((Big hugs))), Pumpkin pies from scratch, Deviled eggs, candied yams, and a big bird with stuffing and all the trimmings in celebration of my thankfulness for my family.
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A hometown sunny afternoon

It always turns my head, fall color in it's all it's glory.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Great Pumpkin

Mt.Rainer on a unusually clear day, I was on the Buckley Tapps Hwy E. and Radke Rd. So Far it's the best view of the mountain I've found. The Mr. and I drove one evening to see if we could get a better view and it's all so heavily wooded in that area, that it's hard to to see beyond the trees.

There are many of these old dilapidated old farms, but with a certain nostalgic charm to them. This one is still functioning as a cow farm. It's been there for awhile, probably a family owned opperation. I've heard that in King county the building permits costs are huge and thats if they will allow what you want to do in the first place. The county has way to much power there and don't even get me started on the taxes. I drive by cute houses for sale and I used to wonder why they haven't sold...So I asked people, and now I know. It's sad.

Marris Farms, it's a kid frenzy there this time of year, The first thing I noticed when we went there the first time was the huge milk carton. I always wanted to go and get a picture of it. So this time it was pumpkin time and the corn maze was open, which a few people who emerged from the maze said keep to the right except when you can't and that's the secret. It takes about 30 minutes to go through.
But the draw for me that day was the gleeming orange globes a plenty in the fields, the contrast between the sunny skies and the brown earth and the pumpkins was a true fall flavor. Yes, the kids were screaming and some crying for what they wanted. But most were well behaved and busy trying to find the perfect pumpkin.

The goat walk, if you notice they are only fenced on the public side. They climb up there for a cup of grain or feed that you put in the cup and raise on the pulley system up to them on the ropes as seen in the picture.

The biggest Cornucopia I've ever seen.

The sun was warm, the sky was blue, and fall was in the air...Happy Halloween everyone.