Wednesday, January 17, 2007

American Idol #6

Ahh, the show I've been waiting for, Gosh that sounds like I have no life huh? It's really the one I wait for though. I don't have many favorites and I'm not really a survivor fan because it grosses me out most of the time. I fell into watching HBO's F***ing Western for some time just to count the usage of the famed word, 134 at last count in one show! Cheap entertainment.
Nothing since Sex and the City has held my attention more. Although I am watching Rome from time to time. It's a bit on the shockingly gorey side for the most part, I'm hoping for the history lesson at least.

Idol auditions in Minnesota, Please excuse me if the names are misspelled.
I liked
Matt Sata, 16 yrs old. Quality voice in the short time we heard it, but very likable and talent that would seem untapped.
Perla Meneses, She started out doing something, it wasn't working...and then so effortlessly slid into Shakira's "Hips don't lie". It was amazing, she's cute and it will make her or break her, the choice is hers.
Jarrod Fowler, I'm sure he's already stereo typed as the "Navy Guy" He made me feel patriotic and I wanted to vote for the good guy. He does have talent.
Rachel Jenkins, Again I wanted to vote for her, She's a reservist and the hubby is in Iraq. She had a good voice too.
Denise Jackson, A 16 year old, Impressive talent.
Michelle Steinga, Labeled confident, I'd say that too. She sang country. A little brighter than a predecessor to the stage.

For me the night was entertaining because of Trista's lion roar, Yep it was the cowardly lion without the make up. She did have a unique talent and it was terribly funny to watch.
There were many others that didn't belong there either, I wish that we could concentrate on the talent and leave the hurtful bits of opinion out of it though. Maybe the Gong on the "Gong show" was a better way to go than words that cut like a Sword. It hurts me to see people ridiculed like that.

2 more hours tonight...I can hardly wait.

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Jeannie said...

I missed the show. Too much "life" which is just as much not much of one.
I love the ripping comments. Yes, they are harsh and hurtful, but really, they are auditioning for a professional job. If they are so deluded, it's time they hear it without sugar coating. Some people, even after the comments, still believe they are good! One thing you need to have as a celebrity is a thick skin. And really, that's why the show is successful.
I wanted my daughter to audition for the Canadian version last year. She refused. It's not that I thought she'd make it but she could put on a good show on purpose and maybe that's what some of these other kids do. Any publicity is good publicity.