Monday, January 29, 2007

The Weekend...

My Work in the kitchen is going good, Only had to take one pain pill so far. I got the cabinets taken down and painted the back splash up and the walls in the main part of the kitchen washed and primed for wallpaper...Oh and one counter top in and the other on order. I can't believe I lived with the mix moshed past decorating attempts of others for so long.
The cabinets look so good, and it brightens it up totally in here.

Saturday we had a little diversion from all this nesting, the #2 grandson had his second basketball game, We are now 0-2, They tried harder this time though. This is the first year for my grandson to participate in a sport. We are trying to get the #1 to do something too but so far he's all talk and no action. Football next year maybe.

Mt. Hood

Mt. St. Helens from I-84 on the fly at 55 mph.

Multnomah Falls
After the game we took a little drive to the Columbia River Gorge, it's only an hour or so away, but worth the trip.

I was hoping to get the Falls while they still had ice build up from our latest ice age period. The beauty of the Falls never goes away, although there is change there all year long, it's one of my favorite places. I like to be near water, It always de-stresses me.

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Jeannie said...

Good for you - accomplishing so much without doing yourself in.

Not everyone wants to be an athlete. If movies/TV is anything to go by, Canada is a little more easy going on that score.

Stunning scenery! I love the water too.

Sweetilicious said...

Thank you Jeannie! I think my favorite waters this time of year would have to be