Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A bit of TMI, But with interest.

February has been designated by me as my "I love Me month." It's the month I get my annual ladies exams such as the pelvic, and Mammogram.
This year I was able to get the new high tech. Digital Mammogram. I pray it all is good and I'm sure will live on the edge till the results are in, I know...
not the example I want to set. But it's real...

I, like all inquiring minds, I wanted to see the difference so I looked at mine, Oh my gosh instant anxiety, all these bright white splotches and more in one than the other, then of course they tell you they can't tell you anything. My distraction to this torture is it's digital and being the digital photographer that I am & long to be, I'm interested in the difference.

So here it is. This is not me...Only an Example.

Faster, Better Quality Exams

Digital mammography allows radiologists to view the x-ray images more closely, zeroing in on areas of concern. Digital mammography exams take less time than traditional film-based exams and the radiologist may review the images while the patient is in the examination room. Images can also be sent instantaneously to other reading stations on the digital mammography network to facilitate second opinions as necessary.

The Pelvic Exam is tomorrow. Wish me Luck.

Now Go get a Mammogram...Please.

Mammogram Results~No sign of Cancer. YaY!

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Jeannie said...

Sorry - I haven't had much time to read lately and am just catching up - hope your exams went well.

Marianne said...

I got up close and personal with the mammogram in November. This month is traditionally my pap month too, but I have been dragging my feet to make the appt. for several reasons.

I love my doctor but he will totally ream my butt for the weight I put on this year and he will ask me about my mom and my sisters. They all are former patients of his, but mom moved, one sister has no insurance and the other has an outstanding bill at his office that she has no intention of paying and I am thoroughly embarrassed.

I'll do it, I just want to loose a few pounds first.

But good on you for taking care of yourself!

Marianne said...

Yay! Cancer Free! Breath a sigh of relief and have a celebratory glass of wine.