Tuesday, February 27, 2007

If I followed you home, would you keep me? ~Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

...Ick, the pick up lines, the games, The drama. Thank goodness I have the Mr.

Have you looked back into your life and because hindsight is 100%. Looking for clarity, you find yourself calling on it from time to time out of habit.
...It's a familiar feeling, only it's happening to someone else and you recognize it almost instantly. ***Warm Fuzzies***

What is it that makes or breaks a relationship?

For me I like to have freedom to think how I like, support to accomplish my hearts desires, and a caring individual to appreciate and cherish my love and trust.

The Baby Sis and I discussed the needs in a relationship and necessity to come into it ready, without past bonds interfering, I call it cleaning your house so to speak.

We all had them, Many move on, and before even moving on by emotionally disconnecting, Some are forced to move on by no choice of their own. Either way you have an emotional house and it's your job to square it away, give it up, and clean out the no good and purge the crap. Emotions sometimes can make us hold onto things that baby-sit our emotions until we feel stronger.

Some are stronger than us and some never move on.

Empowering ourselves with a myriad of new firsts, new endeavors, and being true to ourselves, makes for the strength we need to be emotionally available, also known as the fresh start to some.

Sometimes this stage is almost complete and must be nurtured in a friendship to achieve full strength, one must be willing though to want the same things and together it should come easy and if not, This is like an old bathtub ring, you don't like it, you don't need it, It's embarrassing and if it's left there it just builds up more and gets harder to clean. and it's apparent to you and all around you that your wasting your time and you should have cleaned it a long time ago.

If it's always hard...figure out why and fast...Red flags are your friend...listen!

I believe that one must experience all the past relationships and learn from them. They make us what we are today. Mostly we learn to appreciate things about the new person we are with because we now know what we don't want, or need more of, or must have.

When you first experience a relationship that you'd give more than you ever gave to another emotionally and they give the same back...you know its right.
(AKA the Egg Basket)
Provided the other is ready, willing and able to match or exceed & even the replenish filling of the egg basket back up as you give the eggs to the relationship.

When you would protect your love and your emotional house from all that would try to bring it to it's demise, you know it's right.

If it's not worth defending, move on.

When you can't walk past the one you love without a gentle touch, rub, or caress without a thought and yet you can sit in the same car or room for literally hours and talk at no end about anything and everything or not speak a word and still enjoy confidence that your OK and just enjoy the silence and togetherness, you know its right.

When you feel they still can make your heart race and it's not the caffeine but rather an excitement of anticipation to see them again...you know it's right. Sometimes still just the sound of the Mr.s truck coming home makes my heart pound a little harder.

Now over the past few months, I have held the baby sis's hand emotionally. Through some funny and forgettable frogs that never even made it to the Prince status or even for that matter making it to a 2nd date (she should have wrote a blog)...(Next with a finger snap), I did so willingly and cared deeply about her well being. She has been speaking a lot with reservation, a tune of familiars to me, a song of falling, hook, line and sinker...and yet scared the other house is not clean enough. Oh that feeling of uncertainty. Time will tell.
You know it's right with you when you give it that chance.

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Jeannie said...

I'm so glad I'm not out there looking for love. I didn't have many relationships. I wasn't one of those who had to have a boyfriend at all costs. At the ripe old age of 18 though I thought long and hard about what type of man would be good for me, and what I'd be attracted to. I wanted to not waste my time and hoped to recognize Mr. Right when he stumbled along. Within 2 months, I met Gary. And he had it all. I still held back though, just in case but within a month people were asking when we were getting married (seriously).
I know it's not like that for everyone. Perhaps I was just lucky.

Marianne said...

Truer words couldn't have been blogged. This is what I finally have with Shark. (Thank God.)

I want to raise Mollie (and Shark's girls) with the knowledge of what to look for. But honestly, I don't know if I could.

People have told me what to look for and I had to experience the different personalities and situations myself before I recongnized the shiney armor Shark was wearing.

Good luck to your sister. She is ultimately lucky to have you in her corner. Just don't get too fed up with her if she kisses another frog. It is a tough learning process.