Friday, February 02, 2007

I'm Tagged again, Toys Meme

First of all let me tell you I've wrote this blog entry 3 times and each time I.E. decided it needed to close, WTH, GRrrrrrrr. It peeves me to no end.

I wrote a post back in March of 2006 on my favorite childhood toys and times. I have much more to share albeit probably very boring to read. The nice thing about a blog is you have a captive audience that can click you off when you are boring and nobody gets hurt. It's win~win.
Spin Art
It was highly entertaining, nothing ever came out the same, it was the precursor to the tie dye era in my book. I remember making my first T-shirt with a wet spin art card and thinking Wow that's really cool. LOL.

Dawn Dolls
Now these were the dolls to have and in my neighborhood all the girls had them. We traded them like pokemon cards to get the theme doll you really wanted. Most of the time they were dolls that looked like you only cooler. We played with the Little Kiddles and Barbies too. GI Joe was always the Dad.
I had neighbors at that time whom were girls, All girls in one household, Fun for me, they had all the cool toys and dolls. Their names were Pamela, Arlene, Sonya, and Jimmy Fields. Yes, Jimmy was a girl, her dads last ditch effort to claim a male offspring that failed and she got the name anyway. Their Dad was in the Air Force and was Stationed at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas. He also introduced my mom to a fellow serviceman that made my life a living hell, But that's another story in itself.
Anyway Pamela and I were best Friends, We did lots together, she would come and help me with my chores just to be with me. She was great! We would play with the Mod Dawn dolls until her dad would beckon a loud holler or whistle and she'd jump and go home. He was strict and I'm sure she got a couple of beatings or whoopin's from him a time or two.
She had a strong southern accent, really cute, long blonde hair. We looked like sisters and played it up at times too. She moved or was re-stationed in Pensacola, FL. and wrote maybe 2 times and then I never heard from her again. Sad Huh?

At this time Mom had a love for little black babies or Negro babies as we struggled to call them what they wanted to be called at the time, even then we didn't know. I remember asking a black friend of mine what do we call your color and not offend you and she said: "who knows" she was just as clueless as we were. We were damned if we did and damned if we didn't. As friends we never were aware of the difference, People made us aware and it was the black people that did it in our poor low income neighborhood.

Anyway, Mom thought they were cute. So cute in fact that, that year Santa brought me a Negro baby doll, I tried to like her, but was teased relentlessly by every kid that seen me with it. I hid the doll and mom would say where's your doll? Finally I lost her, On purpose...I think I gave her to a black friend and told her to never show it around my house. Do you see what childhood teaches children? It was cruel.
Now the next thing I can remember was the controversial Barbie with her matronly pooch, All the parents were up in arms about how could they make a pregnant doll?

Needless to say I never had one, But, I wanted one. That was a dream I lived for, to be a Mom and have a happy family, raise kids, have a house with the proverbial white picket fence and red and white checkered curtains in the kitchen window. To me that was the ideal life. So what could be so wrong with this doll being pregnant?
Well, it was them coming out of the sexual revolution (My parents were too tame for this) and hoping the pendulum would swing back just a bit in the other direction I'm sure.
I can still remember a Hippie moving in on our street, and Mom making us walk way out of our way to go around where he lived. Everyone one said he was a marijuana and hash smoker and he partied all night. Don't go near him, like it was contagious or something. I seen a naked girl running in and out the door screamming at him and never told a soul til now. I always wondered what happened to him. He was there only a short time and nobody knew him well enough to know where he went.

The Lullaby Baby

She was my favorite doll of all time, She was all plastic with glass eyes that would close when she was laid down and had a pull string that played a lullaby song. While the music chimed away her head would move and it looked like a baby moving in her little blanket. I as an adult bought one to replace the one my evil brothers ruined by pulling the string out so far that it broke. Even then, they couldn't keep their hands off what didn't belong to them. They'd either break it or steal it.
Now I have her again and she's stored away but she works.
~Ebay to the rescue of childhood memories.~
Now I still have other dolls from that era, 5 as a matter of fact. But no Chrissy doll or her cousin with blonde hair and I can't remember her name.
I'd love to have the one that crawled to show to the baby sister. It was her favorite, and that was what taught her to crawl. She emulated this doll. But then moved on to Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls and Sea Wees (mermaid dolls). Which after too many "Chuckie" movies she hates most dolls now. Thanks Chuckie.

Cabbage Patch Kids
I own or have adopted 3, Mostly remnants from my children's past. But one was bought for me and paid for by my daughter. She was very young and the Corn Silk one had just come out and there was a long blonde haired one that I wanted. Well, I got it for Christmas and still have it along with the Baseball cards that the #2 son gave me also.

I'm tagging April She still owes me the story on the easy bake oven she got for Christmas last year and anyone else that want's to share.

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Jeannie said...

Wow - you were a real girlie girl! Lots of dolls. I vaguely recall the lullabye baby - I remember someone having one but Ithink they were quite a bit younger than me. I did have one other baby doll but Ihaven't a clue what her name was because I changed it. She had a soft cuddly body and plastic forearms and lower legs and head. She was kept for years in the garage but I think rats chewed her up. I still have my baby stroller though. It's not pristine but it's real enough to hold a newborn and has.

Sweetilicious said...

I can remember having the lay down style buggy with the fold down shade, it also was strong enough to hold a baby. I used to dress the cat in baby clothes and take it for rides.
We had a funny cat that would freeze when you put clothes on it and just not move. I don't know if it thought it couldn't or it just felt odd and embarrassed.
All the neighbor girls were jealous though.
She never ran from me so I assumed she was playing along.

D.T. said...

The toys I remember playing with, or rather, the ones that were my FAVORITE, were the toys you got in Kids Meals from McDonalds and Burger King. Like the Chicken Nuggets that came with clothes or the Burger King Kids (whatever happened to them?)...they were the best! And plus, because they changed every other month, there was always something new to play with. Now that I think about it, I wonder if that was the reason why my parents always took us to those restaurants. Cheap toys. It makes sense because my brothers and I have have a ton of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures in their original packaging that were never opened and my cousin Anessa has Barbie dolls dating back to 1987 that were never opened. OMG...that's why we have so many McDonald's toys...OMG. I'll be right back...

Sweetilicious said...

David all those McDonald toys were in my house too. Now they are collectables on ebay, and the #2 son had every Teenage mutant creature and his transportation there was. How about Transformers? He was also into He man at the time. Then came the Nintendo and it was games and BB cards from then on. Oh and Skateboards too.

bill said...

When Firefox dies, it remembers what was open, and offers to open the same site again. Unfortunately, it doesn't remember what you were keying it (usually), which is why I sometimes write stuff in an offline format, like Word, which, even if it dies, will remember what was there.

Sweetilicious said...

I finally did write it in word, and saved as a draft and then added pictures as a finale.
Thanks for the reminder though, I took me 3 attempts to think of it myself.