Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's my secret...

I have a secret...I'm sneaking out on Tuesday nights to Weight Watcher meetings.
Although I won't tell you my weight, Some say I don't look a pound over 160. Clothes are marvelous things but summer is coming and I can't stay covered up forever. My low back woes have me limited to small amounts of exercise and so the eating part has to change.
It's been almost 2 weeks, I weigh in every Tuesday. But in 1 week I lost the 5 pounds I expected to lose and it's feeling like I've lost a little more already this week. Much to my delight, I realized that my eating habits were really not as bad as I thought I'm actually eating more than I used to...Go Figure.
I have to admit I enjoy fruits and veggies so that's not bad, But I am also a baker and that's a little tough but I can do it. I'll just reward myself once in a while.
Tonight we (yes my Mr. has been doing it right along with me) had pizza, On whole wheat tortilla with pizza sauce, turkey pepperoni and fat free cheese. Also the sliced Canadian bacon cut up in chunks is good the same way with pineapple. the beauty of this is that you can eat the whole pizza yourself and it's equal to 1 slice of regular pizza and not near as greasy. For me that means less heartburn. Nice.
Maybe I can stir up some challenges or be inspirational or something.
Any bites?

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Jeannie said...

That's great news Sweeti - I too have to lose weight. I have sort of started to try. I have given up the booze so far. Might sound funny but you get very accustomed to having your glass of wine after a while and it's as hard to go without as the food. The little pizza idea sounds good. Maybe I'll try it.

Sweetilicious said...

I have a great mini meatloaf recipe too, that's served with a baked potato and plenty of veggies...of your choice. Comfort food, finally eating without the feel that everything is a potential sabotager.

bill said...

That is seriously terrific news!

Marianne said...

Yay Sweeti! Way to go. I like the new page design too.

Pril said...

I haven't told anyone but I joined the online version a few days ago. I've been to a meeting and it was a little too hokey for me so hopefully the website will keep me on track and focused.

Good luck to you, we'll have to share some recipes.

Oh and a coworker of mine has been on the program since Sept and has lost 30lbs. She looks fantastic. I love seeing her so happy.