Saturday, February 10, 2007

She was One Classy Lady...

I have been giving this post a lot of thought today because the person I'm writing about.
Today was a sad, sad day for many people that knew Barbara Blacklaw. We came together to remember her with a lovely service and a reception that was done just the way she would have had it if she'd been there. People came from long distances to be there for this. I'm so glad that so many turned out for her and the Blacklaw family.

Barbara Blacklaw was known for her love and promotion of the American Saddlebred breed and her affiliation with the NWSA (North West Saddlebred Association)
Saddlebreds were her life beyond her love for her husband Bill.

I however remember her from my years at the Chez Moustache Restaurant back in the early 90's. Barbara and Bill came to our (I say that like it was mine, it wasn't) restaurant for the food and family feeling with class that we provided to our customers.

I remember them coming in and having Big To-do's, You always knew that Bill was around by the smell of a cigar, We made exceptions just for him. The parties would start just after opening and sometimes go into the wee hours of the morning. It sometimes got pretty lively, Food, Drink, and many friends.
I miss those times.

Chef Gene Kretz would fuss to no end to prepare a meal that was perfect for them. He told me straight off the bat, When Barbara and Bill come in you make sure they get the Chefs special booth and I did always. At first I was intimidated by them but grew to love them just as everyone else there did.
Never did a Christmas or a holiday go by that the girls (the wait staff) didn't get a gift of some sort in appreciation from them. They were Pure Class.
Barbara was always warm, kind and respectful, Very pleasant to be around. She would always put her arm around you and wasn't afraid to show her affections.

Now our lives crossed later also, The Mr. being a Show Shoer of course had shod at their barn, as an apprentice at the time to Delver Gianella. So then I came into the picture and there they were again, much to my delight, Barbara and Bill old acquaintances, more like old friends...You can't serve someone dinner after dinner and not become friends.
Now it's been 12 years of Horseshows for me and her smiling face was one I always looked to see at every show. She will be missed by many, and was a Legend in her own time.

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Rest in Peace...
Barbara Blacklaw

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Pril said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. She sounded like a wonderful lady.