Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ahhhhhhhh, Spring again.

Spring Equinox...A fresh start to the sunny season and sort of a spring forward to the getting out of the cave and feeling alive again.

Speaking of feeling alive again,
I had dinner the night before last at home and made by myself. It was wonderful! It was King Crab, rice pilaf, and a Caesar salad.

The crab was incredible, The first bite was taken in some apprehension with a tad bit of "What if the lab was wrong?" But the succulent sweetness complimented by the delicate texture and slightly salty butter washed away my worries. At one point during my dinner I was almost emotional it was so good. It had been since 10/19/05 that I had eaten shellfish. The best part No reaction! (I knew it wasn't the shellfish)
The rice pilaf was very good also, I put elephant garlic, bell pepper, celery all chopped finely with olive oil, a little chicken broth and brown and long grain wild rice. Salt and pepper to taste with a touch of Cheyenne pepper for a little kick. Mmmmm, It was as pretty as it was Good.

I worried how the scales would do after abandoning all life plans and eating for pure enjoyment, I woke up, went to the girls room and weighed...Down almost a pound! Woohoo!

I'm probably not going to make my goal by my Birthday but I'm damn sure gonna be closer, The Mr. hit a milestone this morning with his weight loss that he wasn't going to even start. He is eating what I cook and that's my WW type core menu. He's only 9 pounds from his perfect weight and the odd thing is he says he eats all that he wants. But we've adopted a phrase in our household and it's if you don't love it don't eat it. Find foods you love...and be satisfied.

I'm just so thankful that I've found some ways to get back to the me I know and love, It's been a long hard road of trials and tribulations believe me.

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Jeannie said...

How wonderful! I don't like crab myself (I wish I knew why because I know I used to - got some bad stuff I guess) but even better to eat what you love and lose! I will have to get on this myself or end up buying a new summer wardrobe since I gave away all my "fat" stuff last year.
I am banging my head against the wall for putting it back on.