Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Cookie is a Cookie right? Not So...

The Mr. has an insatiable desire to consume the little scrumptious morsels that the little girls peddle this time of year, and diet or no diet we buy them.
A month or two ago, we bought some (A bunch) clear from the state of Texas and the hands or Marianne and Ms. Mollie. It was a happy day when they arrived. Now they are gone.

Now these ones were called Carmel Delights, a light cookie smothered in Carmel and coconut and laid in a bed of chocolate and striped on top. To all whom don't know a cookie isn't just a cookie.

Samoa's, are very much like their cousin the Carmel Delight however they have a slightly different cookie inside. It's crispy-ER and a tad thicker. But still very much appetizing and addicting.

Now the Mr. comes home the other day from the little market 2 miles away and says I found more cookies, and that he did 4 more boxes and then in the next breath he says and I got a line on where they'll be selling this weekend too. He's a hoarder.

I only allow myself 2 cookies at a time and even with the temptation around my scales are still going down. YAY.

Supporting a good cause and winning the battle of the bulge at the same time.
Who would have thought?

Now go buy some Girl Scout cookies...and if your buying for the Mr. you now know which is his favorite.

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Jeannie said...

Those look really yummy! But I haven't seen a girl guide or her cookies in many years.

Marianne said...

Holy Moly! They are gone! Wow. You know, Shark loves those Caramel DeLites too! I was storing the GS cookies in the garage, but he kept going out there and taking a box. I finally had to hide them in the trunk of my car.

At the end of cookie sales, I had to write a check for $42!!!! That is 12 boxes of missing Caramel DeLites.

And I'm the one who rides into oblivion on the excersize bike each morning but can't loose any stinkin' weight!

Pril said...


Sweetilicious said...

Jeannie your missing out. If I had your address I'd send you some.

Marianne, Well now I don't feel so bad. Your into ($$$)them about the same as me.
Good Lord, I'm just thankful it's not the peanut creams candies that I used to help the #2 son sell for his Baseball team. I think we bought all of them.

And my sweet April, I'm having that cheesecake if I have to Weight watcher it to death. XO