Sunday, April 22, 2007

A New Cuppa Joe

This evening the Mr and I went out for a bite to eat in a little suburb of Portland called Milwaukie. Back to a place we ate at pretty often while in the early dating stage. It's a quaint little place, usually good service and from the looks of the place and location the people are mostly locals. The place isn't anything special, but the food is glorious, the razor clams are to die for. The crab and cheese melt sandwich is outta this world, Stacked high with dungeoness crab.

It was like going home for dinner and knowing it would be just as great today as it was years ago. However there was one change and to my surprise it was scrumptiously delightful. A new coffee, and from the first drink I was in love. Medium bodied, full flavor, nice finish and no Bitterness! No acidy taste at all. Yummmmmm.
It was the best Coffee bar none, that I have ever sipped and my company wasn't bad either. Most Enjoyable, I love Sundays like this.

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Scott from Oregon said...

My ex girlfriend lives in Milwalkie, so I was wondering the name of the little restaurant?

I noticed your banner is skinny again. intentional? There is a box "check to fit" or something like that you have to unclick to get the full width.

You're gonna be like me and swap your colors all the time because you've got the system down!

Sweeti said...

Thanks for the heads up Scott, It was like relearning it all over again with some prior knowledge. But now I've got it ingrained in the bean again and even used short cuts. But still had to refer back to past emails, Thanks again. The restaurant name is Libby's Restaurant and Lounge on SE Main st. in Milwaukie. Have you been there?