Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm Back to the Keyboard

Our trip was rewarding although not as financially rewarding as we had hoped but who gets it all anymore. Many Knife makers complained of the same problem.
We had many tell us the knives were absolutely beautiful! We had 3 separate people come and take pictures at our table of the Mr.s craft. Now that tells me he's becoming a talent to be recconded with, Otherwise why bother. One even said one of our knives was the Best in Show as far as he was concerned. We had a huge amount of people stop by and listen to the Mr's tales of the makings and the how he did its. I watched him talking and beamed with pride and seen the teacher in him, He will be good at teaching his craft someday. His opportunity will come sooner than he thinks.
I am in the process of updating his site and adding more pictures, Give me a few days and there will be more to read and see.

The picture above was me returning to my craft after being best supporting wife of a Knife maker, Oh by the way that is just one of my best skills. It's the morning after all of the 5000+ people of the weekend, Checking out of the hotel and walking the peaceful path finally. A swan song and a goose honk are the only sounds to be heard. Yay!
Note of appreciation to the La Quinta Inn, Your beds are fabulous and spacious. I need a king sized bed.

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