Friday, April 27, 2007

Dinner at the Twilight zone cafe...

An interesting evening this evening, The Mr. and ventured out for a bite to eat not to far from home to a place we've eaten at 100 times if we've eaten there once. But tonight it was a little odd. It felt like being in some other little town in another cafe. We didn't recognize any one of the servers only the cook, It was busy and two of the female servers were running around like chickens with their heads chopped off and the other server was Hmmmm, how do I describe him? He or she was tall, with very female tendencies, I could have taken make up lessons from him ... He or she did good eye make up, No really, he did. That wasn't the funny part though.

(For the record I have nothing against anyone that has a different sexual orientation than myself. Each to thier own. Live and let live and so on. I'm not trying to be offensive here. If I am, you have my apologies. It's not my intent.)

Ok, so back to the story...
This is a little town out in the middle of really no where, The restaurant is a good ol boy type cafe with the regular boys(men) stopping in and chatting it up with the other boys(Men) a coffee clutch of sorts. Very rural, and an odd place to find a female-ish male. I watched him serve one of the good ol boys and there was no eye contact what~so~ever he did manage to spit out a thank you and that was it.

I'll just bet all the good ol boys have something to talk about now for sure, We watched him or her trying to stay busy and the more harried he or she got the funnier it was he was waving his arms in the air in all the flamboyant style that he or she was capable of. He was the literal fish out water.This was the funny part. I looked over to my right and there was a couple of women trying equally as hard not snicker as I was, but as soon as we realized that we were all quite entertained by the view before us, we all had to snicker to ourselves.
Do you know at that minute it was like looking over at your friends in class and trying not to laugh or you'd get in trouble or something, you can't stop it no matter how hard you try. It was his or her actions not the fact that He or she was cross dressed that was funny.
Now I'm assuming they are locals too and know that this is really strange for this cafe, even twilight zone-ish and we all are thinking the same thing (WTH). Well, we all were thinking that but, they were a long way from being locals.

Now before the night was over we befriended these two ladies (Marj and Kim) and were actually entertained by their tales of travel. They were fresh out of Wisconsin, Yep, Self proclaimed Cheese heads. Fun, they were a riot. They flew in to tour Silver creek falls just south of us. Staying in an Industrial area on Columbia Blvd. in Portland thinking it would be serene and green. But getting the Industrial experience, factory noise, Jake brakes, and traffic. They totally stayed adjacent to the airport but not in a scenic area serene environment they thought they were going to be in, but to tired to make any changes they laughed it off and fell to sleep. Kim the younger gal remarked that it stunk like oil even. Not a good example of the area at all, Don't get me wrong it exists but there are more desirable places to stay that are equally as close in to the airport.

They were flying so to speak from what I could tell by the seat of their pants as far as what they were going to do for the next days tour, I told them of the Columbia River Gorge and we even sat down with them and showed them on the map all the good places to go...I was wishing I could have gone along with them. I knew my back could never tolerate the hike they were going to go on though. Or I might have gone with them. They are going to love the view up there Multnomah Falls, the Bridge of the Gods and the scenic route, All very beautiful places here in the Northwestern corner of Gods country.
You know it's odd but every once in a while though no prior prediction you see the man aboves plan unfold before your very eyes. We just on the spur of the moment decided to go grab a bite to eat and meet some new people that I could really be friends with. Isn't it odd why lives cross paths and I wonder where this will go from here? Did we have dinner there as a part of a picture to direct them to the spot or place they needed to be? I believe in things like this. Everything happens for a reason. I hope they have a great trip and the man above will watch out for them till they return home safely.

Maybe the next visit to Oregon they make, they'll consider a trip to the coastline and we'll go too!

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Jeannie said...

I think it's amazing when you find people you really connect with in the most unusual of places. It does seem like it was planned by someone.

Marianne said...

That is funny about the waiter! I guess we see stuff like that a lot around here, being so close to Austin. But I am sure it was a trip and a half in a small out of the way Oregon town.

And yay for you making new friends!

Marj said...

Safe and sound back in Twin Lakes WI.
Kim and I set out to meet some local folks and we did just that. Thank you Wade and Linda. Im sure God had a hand in it. This was a wonderful spiritual trip. Better then i even dreamed. A Oregon coast trip is sounding pretty good!!