Sunday, May 27, 2007

It's 12 midnight, Do you know where your children are?

Evidently some of our neighbors don't.

At midnight straight up I hear out on our gravel road what sounds to be someone walking and running almost half assed playing in front of our home. I'm working on the PC which faces the street kinda so I can hear them pretty good, Now mind you all the lights are on and it looks like someone is up.
I'm thinking to myself, Who would let their kids wander these rural areas at this time of night? It's black out there, and very few lights dotted here and there for utility purposes and farm animals.

Not more than 5 seconds goes by and something hits the side of our home and then again and extremely close to the window by my head, I think "OH Shit" they just egg'd our house. Living directly across from a chicken farm could be not so advantageous at times. So I go and wake the Mr. and he reluctantly gets dressed, leashes the dog and they go out to see what was happening.
He sees 3 boys around the ages 12-possibly 15 standing down near the corner of our property, He starts walking towards them and they turn to take off. He yells at them to stop, They run like they have fire under their feet. The Mr. is still running and yelling stop, Then he says to them "you have to come back this way sooner or later", They continue to run. But maybe he scared the crap out of them. They'll probably think he is friggen crazy now. I hope he put the fear of God in them.
Following that a coyote raided the chicken coop and killed 4 chickens about 4 am., Back up again goes the Mr. to see what the hell was going on, He couldn't see anything because it's black out there even with a flashlite. So finally things calm down a little and its time to sleep.

We contacted the neighbors and all agree its probably the neighborhood idiot's kids,He earned this title for all the stupid crap he puts us through like the loud music, you know the kind that just bumps and no melody and his idiot antics with reving engines for hours on end and laying rubber on the road when he's done with that. So we go and We chatted with the kid's mom and him (idiot) and they were wide eyed and knew nothing just as we expected. But at least they know we suspect them. Maybe they'll keep their kids home for a while.
So needless to say I did not sleep much last night, Maybe from 4:30 am on to 9:30 am. I had a big day planned today too.

I went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean "The Worlds End" it was good, Really different from the last 2 however. More twists and unforeseeable turns. Its newly out so I won't spoil it for everyone. We seen it at a new theater(Bridgeport) in the new digital format, That's really awesome.
I recently as last week was reading one of my favorite amusing blogs PostSecret and seen a post card sent in about Johnny Depp some of you may have seen it, I could possibly think that way now. (Blushing)
At least I don't have huge posters hanging in my office like a cousin of ours does. She's nuts abouts him too.

What else....The baby Sis and her BF, Ooops, (I'm not supposed to call him her BF yet, Why I don't know). is in our home stomping grounds "Las Vegas" Gambling and drinking and having a great time, Visiting the #2 son Carl and Joelle his sweetheart. I'm Jealous, I miss my kids soooo much.

So now Jeannie you got something to read after the hangover wears off.

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Jeannie said...

Trouble begets trouble right? I'd kill my kids if I knew they'd egged a house. But with parents so inconsiderate, you can't expect much. What a crappy night.

I'm dying to see Pirates. I'd have probably bugged Gary to take me last night if I'd been well.

And thanks for the read.

D.T. said...

So what exactly DID hit your house? Was it an egg? Ugh...that's so infuriating! If I were you, I'd set up some kind of trap for the kids, via Home Alone-style. Maybe dig up some holes, and cover them with leaves...or tie some string real low and have them trip and fall...something. I know it's cruel, but you gotta admit a hard-knock lesson like that would probably teach them much faster than a stern lecture.

AprilMaranda said...

Too late now but a friend told me that if you stay after the credits there's additional scene that brings the story together.

We didn't have a chance to see it but I'm so excited.

Marianne said...

We saw Pirates on Saturday. I liked it. I did. But regretfully, and not willingly, I am getting old. And when a movie runs for 2 hrs and 45 minutes and I don't get to move around (the theatre was sold out) then I have a tendency to fall asleep. Yes. I fell asleep in Pirates. Shark said I started to snore. I don't think so. Mollie was sitting two rows in front of us (because the theatre was so packed we could not all sit together....) and she said she looked back at us and saw me with my head resting on the seat and my mouth wide open. I'm humiliated.

On Monday, Mollie and I went to see Shrek 3, just me and her. I am glad to report that it was a mere 1 hr and 33 minutes and I stayed awake for the whole thing. Again, the theatre was filled to capacity and we watched this movie in the very front row.

I really should try to get in the habit of arriving to these movies a bit sooner...ya think?

Come to Vegas on August 8, 2008. You can visit with Carl and Joey for a while and then attend me and Shark's wedding later that same day.

Scott from Oregon said...

Catch the bastards, and then have hubby take them into his shop and show them his knives...

Steve G said...

We have no kids, but I can think of a lot worse things that happen other than egging a house or a car. They should know better and if caught, taught a lesson.

Looking foward to seeing the movie. I saw the second one for the first time last week on DVD.