Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A question For Hammer or Anyone else who knows...

Here goes, What are these old relic Hammers used for anyone know? We got them in a lot of tools and have created uses for them over the years but really do not know their real intended purpose. Do you?

Unknown Hammers
Click picture for web album of all 3 hammers

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Hammer said...

Thanks for visiting :) I think I might know but I'll try to find out for sure.

Hammer said...

From looking around and reading descriptions it looks like a hammer used to drive wooden dowels for furniture building.

The odd shaped head was used to drive in a particular sized dowel without marring the surrounding wood.

It's indeed a curious relic.

Sweeti said...

Hammer thank's for the info. Did you click on the web album on the bottom picture and check out the others also, There's a total of 3.

Hammer said...

The other two are hard to identify.

The one with the y shaped head on one side looks like a blacksmithing type.

The greenish colored one reminds
me of one that is used to build barb-wire fencing.

Where did you get them?