Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Where's my Damn bumper sticker anyways?

Who knew that Molalla area schools don't give bumper stickers for their students families cars to boast an Honor roll student, Every other school district does. What's up with that?

I need to call the school board and complain,...Kidding.

If you couldn't already tell I'm the proud (very young) Gramma of an "Straight A" student! He hit the mother load too, $5.00 for each "A".

No inflation on the dollar amount for an A, I pay no more than when the kids were little. But I'm equally as proud as back then.

YaY, Logan great Job Buddy!

4 Left A Love Note :):

Jeannie said...

You should be proud! Maybe I should have paid my kids...they might have tried.

Steve G said...

Oh, I think that is great. Love to see kids who do well in school.

Marianne said...

Yay Logan! Way to go! You have much to be proud of Sweeti!

Sweeti said...

I love that they are not struggling the way that I did, I think teachers are feeling stretched but they are getting a lot more effective these days, and we as parents and Grandparents are more involved=Better students=higher grade point averages.

I just hope the motivation ($$$)keeps the boys on the right track.