Sunday, June 03, 2007

All is Rosy in the Rose City

This is Rose Festival Weeks in Portland, OR., Not only is it Rose Festival but it's the 100th annual Rose festival. The weather is cooperating this year, The sun is out and the weather is warm, almost too warm.
The Mr. and I and 1 Grandson (Trent) took a day trip to P-town to do an errand and had planned to go see the Pirate ships down at the water front while there. The Grandson had no clue that he was about to go to the Rose Festival until we headed there, the minute he realized it, the excitement broke. He seen the rides and barely could contain himself.

We started off on food row Chinese with veggies for me and a Sausage dog for the Mr. and Pizza for Trent. Then it was to the rides because he couldn't stand it anymore. Everything he could find to scramble his brains he rode, I would have certainly gotten sick by this point if I were riding them.

We stopped and had a few photo opts

and began our journey down the waterfront to the Pirate Ships. See we learned long ago to appease the kids first and then do what we want to do it makes for a better night out.

We decided to hang out and enjoy the Fireworks that marked the opening day of the Rose festival and shortly before the actual event we landed and picked a spot to view them close to the water front, The fireworks are loaded on a barge and set off in the middle of the river for all to see, Except not even the police knew where exactly on the river it would be. So we waited, it was about 9:30 PM and we were sitting across from a group of about 10-11 Supra ski type boats having a party on the river waiting for fireworks too, Their party music blared and we were surely entertained. I never seen so many gyrating butts on a boat at one time in my life.

the Mr. and I agreed it would suck to have the middle boat in the string because it was where everyone stayed and trampled. I think the grandson got an education, his eyes were open wide. I thought oh well, you can't protect them from everything. At least we were at the hippest party on the river and had a good view.
(Maybe we are a bad influence)

We watched a drunk Latino gay guy come and dance, he wanted them to come and get him and bring him to the boats, all they did was yell "take your clothes off" to him and he left. He was funny though, It's amazing how limber you get when you insert alcohol. It was pure people watching in it's finest form.

(Early on just before the batteries Exhausted, it contributed to the blurry picture)

Soon it was time and the fireworks started, Of course we were in the wrong place so we quickly moved for a better view, By now my camera batteries have exhausted and it was just viewing and no pictures Sorry! The fireworks are best viewed by the Carnival part of the waterfront for future reference. But get there early and get your spot. All in all it was fun!

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Jeannie said...

Looks like an amazing weekend. I so wish we lived near an ocean. That beach would be the place for me! And I love the tall ships too.

Steve G said...

You do take super photos. Very nice. I miss the ocean.

Marianne said...

I love it! The voice of experience! Let the kids get the fun out of their systems first and then the grown-ups can have fun. Fabulous.

Sounds like a fabulous day with a side of extra fun for Trent. Don't worry about the influence. It would be worse if you were not there to voice your opinions on what was taking place.

Shelby said...

oooooooh I love the Oregon beaches. I enjoyed reading through your blog this morning. Very refreshing.

Enjoy your week and happy Monday!

Shelby said...

thanks for the gardening tips!!

e said...

Ha, looks like you got some photos of where I work.
It's sure is nice on the river this time of year.

Zora said...

I love your pictures and I wish I could do pictures like yours. But I think I´m totally untalented for that.

I really enjoy my new work, but I hope to be able to come back to the states soon. I miss it a lot. The food (especially fudge), the nice people, and even to drive at the highways.

D.T. said...

What a terrific day! I love that picture of your grandson in that much fun does that look?! I think I need to get on a rollercoaster real soon...or maybe a pirate ship. Both seem like an adventure in waiting!