Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cannon Beach, OR

(Haystack Rock and Marine Gardens when the tide is out)
We stole a few days and disappeared to the beach, Neither of us had ever stayed at Cannon Beach, OR. together before. We decided to drive into town and drive from one end to the other and then pick where to stay.

The Mr. and I must have been feeling pretty social because we decided on the end of town that had the most hustle and bustle. It's a pretty little town with art galleries galore, Shops, and food of most flavors.
Lands End Hotel was the hotel we landed at, we tried a few first and "NO PETS", I hate that! Most people travel with pets nowadays, at least the crowd were around. You'd think they could have a few rooms in every hotel designated to the cause.

Anyway we found our hotel and the Mr. did good! It was a suite styled room and it had a sunset view with a Balcony, Bonus. A kitchenette, full bath with a privacy commode closet, Nice. and a King sized bed, Yes! The room was clean no smoke smells, plenty of towels, even a firelog for the fireplace. Doggy amenities, Bowls, a blanket and a towel were the bonus to it all. Loved it! And so did Emmy.

That night we decided to eat at the Wayfarer Restaurant, At first it felt a little snobby to me but then we got beyond the hostess and our wait person was great, Bubbly and cheerful and skilled. She was very good at making you feel at home. We sat outside on the verandah with the best view in the house.

The Pacific ocean and it was almost sunset. the starter for our dinner was their Hot crab dip, Yummmmm, I dissected it and I think I could repeat it at home. As soon as I refine it I'll put it on my shared recipes.

The Mr. had a Char-Grilled Strawberry Mountain Rib-Eye Steak A 14-ounce dry-aged rib-eye steak grilled and served with balsamic-glazed red onions, wild mushroom demi-glace and potato leek cakes. I had northwest Razor Clams because I can now, they were fabulous, and a side of pasta Alfredo. We shared a Chocolate Mousse styled dessert. We had coffee as our drink of choice, We wanted to stay awake a little while longer, no booze snoozing yet we were only at the beach for a little while.

We did share a Cheap bottle of Arbor Mist Blackberry Merlot (My Choice) at the room in front of the burning fireplace, And we watched all the pretty horses with Matt Damon and Penelope Cruz. Life sucked for Matt Damon in this movie, Damn he went thru some crap. I think that I expected a different storyline or something but it was enough to hold my interest and not bad. Matt Damon is an actor that can play so many roles and make each one completely believable, In my opinion he's in the same league with Charlize Theron as a matter of a fact I loved them together in the Legend of Bagger Vance. Both of then never cease to amaze me.
Back to the beach trip...We spent the following day roaming the coastline and hiking around a bit, probably a bit more than my back would allow but nevertheless we did it anyway. We shopped in the shops and looked for things we thought we might find there. I found a great over the shoulder bag, kinda hippie-ish looking at a shop called La Luna Loca, also a woolen poncho (Neutral in color) that will be great for horse shows in the fall.

We wanted to find The Mr. a great new belt but both days we were there the belt shop was closed.

We spent time in Ecola State Park, It's a paradise, scenic and a hikers heaven. We were limited by my back, I did walk a lot however the climbing and going downhill freaks me out.

Nothing cleanses my mind like the beach, I could live there. We went to a place called Indian Beach (Pictured Above)and it was warm with cool breezes, prefect for a nap. That honestly was all I could think about when I got down there on the beach. It had a sandy shoreline and some round river rock above it that I'm sure was brought in for erosion control, the round rock was warm and I laid my poncho down and took a few of the right shaped rocks and designated them spa rocks and placed them on my sore back and fell into a semi conscience slumber, It was the best! Soon after the Mr. finally landed near by and rested too.

Emmy was like the Everyready bunny she could have kept on going.
We finally got up and had some dinner, The Mr. took a nap,

We watched the sunset from our room and headed back home.

For Carl, Joey, April Jer, and Jeannie

More pictures on my photo blog on the marine gardens at Haystack Rock.

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Steve G said...

Great pictures. Thanks for letting me enjoy the trip. The food has made me hungry.

Marianne said...

I think the Mr's dinner sounded incredible! And I agree, I love the beach. Nothing clears my mind better. Two years ago this week my best-friend from High School spent five days in Port Aransas on the beach. We took naps in the sun to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach and the cries of seagulls. It was one of the best weekends of my life. Ever!

Scott from Oregon said...

Great pictures. I think Cannon is now on my to do list.

Anonymous said...

As a Cannon Beach resident, I just wanted to say thank you for visiting our special little place in Oregon and sharing your memories. We will look forward to serving you, and your dog, on your next visit.

Thanks Again.

Hammer said...

Great pics I love the wet dog and the crab dip :)